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    A 1980 Harvard physics graduate, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s research has been focused on observing cosmology, galactic astronomy and stellar evolution, modeling himself after his hero Carl Sagan. In 2001, George W. Bush appointed Tyson to serve on the US Aerospace Industry commission, and in 2004 was appointed for implementation of US Space Exploration Policy. Tyson, the ultimate “science communicator” has been caught, though, more than a few times, fabricating quotes and dogmatically professing his ignorance about the differences between genetically modified food versus selective breeding.


    Though Neil deGrasse Tyson founded the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History, he fails to grasp the concept that genetically modified organisms from insects, pesticides and bacteria inserted biologically into seeds by scientists in laboratories is not the same thing as selective breeding, which happens normally in nature. If Tyson does know the difference and is simply preaching falsehoods for popularity or revenue, his fans are liable to find out.


    Intellectual “Star Talk” but complete ignorance of GMO

    Referred to as the “mascot of the scientific industrial complex,” (1) Tyson’s career as a public figure has been taking a turn for the worse over the past handful of years. Because his contribution to the science industry is delicately balanced on his public persona, he has incessantly been marketed by the for-profit science industry and appears to now serve as an apologist for corporations and other “wealthy” interests, promoting GMO propaganda. Tyson has said that we’ve been genetically mutating food for “thousands of years” but this is simply not true. Genetically modifying food with dangerous organisms that would never find their way into the seeds of the food the humans eat is extremely unethical. Even the process of artificial selection has nothing to do with biotechnology, where the latter involves inserting the genes of foreign living things into seeds of crop in order to kill weeds and insects for profit.


    Neil deGrasse Tyson has decided to sell the world on GMO. He’s decrying that genetically modified organisms are all safe to eat and that it all occurs naturally, and that it has done this for thousands of years. Many celebrities today are uneducated about the food they eat, so for endorsements they model bad habits, especially for Americans who think everything they do and say should be repeated. Television’s famous faces can easily become infamous, though, and Tyson’s ramped-up promotion of GMO foods is auspicious, to say the least, comparing GM corn and soy that contain carcinogens to seedless watermelons or long-stem roses.


    In reliable (and long term) independent studies, lab rats have been proven to get horrific cancer tumors and die young when consuming Monsanto’s GM corn and GM soy (glyphosate in Roundup). (2) Humans who consume GM foods on a regular basis are consuming dangerous carcinogenic chemicals, acidifying their bodies and destroying good gut bacteria, thus damaging immunity and creating cancer cells that can take over a vital organ or the brain. Genetic engineering of crops has also been referred to as the “gene gun,” where scientists are shooting replacement codes into a segment of genetic code from another organism. This “technology” is highly unpredictable and no short or long term tests have been run on human beings to see. The FDA has never tested GMO. The “science” is not in, so to speak. In fact, most science is now proving that chemical pesticides are worse than people predicted, and are leading to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, ADHD, severe allergies and more.


    Still, Neil deGrasse Tyson feels the need to prophesize otherwise, spreading propaganda carelessly, as if he is some kind of expert in everything. For that reason, it is difficult to imagine a scholar like Tyson having no knowledge of the dangers of GMO consumption by humans. More likely than not, Tyson is a front man for the biotech industry. Speaking many falsities on subjects far from his usual repertoire has landed Tyson with the nickname the “mascot of the scientific industrial complex.”


    Tyson’s myth dismantled: Why Genetic Modification is Nothing Like Traditional Crop Breeding

    In 2012, renowned scientist Gilles-Eric Séralini led a team of researchers that exposed GMO toxicity in an unbiased, independent study where rats, that were fed Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and soy – – died of ghastly tumors within weeks (these kinds of rats normally have a two year lifespan). Of course, Tyson never mentions this in his rants about selective breeding, in hopes his audience will equate his knowledge of space exploration with agri-chemicals. Even the World Health Organization defines GMOs as “…organisms in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally.” There are no similarities between (selective) traditional crop breeding techniques and GMO – – what biotechnology does in laboratories to genetically alter seeds to contain pesticides from other species. Even artificial selection (3) refers to genes crossing within populations that are constrained by species.


    One good example of GM (“Franken”) food would include Bt-corn, which is designed to create a toxic pesticide that cripple the corn-eating insects’ digestive tract, so they can no longer feed. In effect, the stomach of the insect dissolves. These corn eating insects die of what is called septicemia (they are eaten from within).


    Another example of genetic modification of crop is when the genes of certain fish are inserted into the code of tomatoes and strawberries to keep them from freezing as easily. This could have dire and detrimental health consequences for humans that consume this gene sequence, but Tyson isn’t looking into science when he speaks of GMO, only when talking about astrophysics. Even certain rice has been injected to contain human genes in order to manufacture pharmaceuticals. Yet, Neil Degrasse Tyson isn’t ever found using any of these examples to compare to seedless watermelons. He is full-blown science driven when speaking of galaxies, but he is completely anti-science when attempting to speak intellectually about genetic engineering. He has publicly accused anyone who questions GM foods as having “irrational fears” of new foods and he tells them to “chill out.”


    Tyson caught fabricating information about GMO

    Though Dr. Tyson is an accomplished astrophysicist, he is far from an expert on nutrition, health, biology or genetics, so why does he “dabble” in speech about GMO? (4) Bill Nye, who recently visited the Monsanto headquarters, said that he “fell in love” with GMO. This strange curtailment from the usual love for entertainment is landing these familiar faces in a category called charlatans. These once highly regarded TV celebrities have lost credibility. On top of that, Wikipedia, the grossly biased online encyclopedia first founded with porno-site money, actively scrubs embarrassing details about Tyson’s compulsive habit of making up stories and theories that don’t hold water. If one wants to read the truth about GMO visit the Truthwiki page (5). Tyson has been exposed for intellectual fraud for years, though continues in the face of it all to make up his own “facts,” much the way George W. Bush made up words. Tyson has been caught fabricating news headlines, misquoting politicians, and even lying about serving on a jury.

    Wikipedia helps people like Neil deGrasse Tyson cover up mistakes to serve a larger picture where Big Food and Big Pharma collide to profit from the chemical industrial complex. This is called memory-holing, (6) and Tyson seems to be just another puppet for the Frankenfood parade. Tyson will do anything to elevate his celebrity status, including telling his fans that people have been eating GMOs forever, even though they were first introduced in the mid-1980s. He gives his audience a feeling of like-ability and then infuses his lies and purported propaganda. (7)

    A “brash charlatan with a penchant for lying,” Neil deGrasse Tyson has branded himself as a GMO huckster. It’s obvious that self-destructing seed technology is not sustainable. It won’t be saving the world from hunger and it certainly doesn’t improve the quality of life for those that consume it. To the contrary, GMO is creating a world of new diseases, disorders, auto-immune dysfunction, autism, human sterility, spontaneous abortions and more health detriment. (8)


    Lies Told Publicly by Neil deGrasse Tyson – the “Doctor of Science”

    Tyson’s fans are so loyal they clap like seals at anything he says. But the well-versed and well-research health enthusiast knows better and now journalists are stepping up and revealing Tyson’s lies and fraud. At $70 a ticket, Tyson’s fans are paying to experience his “osmosis” – but what they get is mis-educated about a number of important views and lifestyles that should be respected, not blasted as being “anti-science.” Tyson likes to hold up the “straw man” (that he makes up at will) and knocks him down for all to cheer. There is a laundry list of the lies Neil deGrasse Tyson is telling publicly. While entertaining his audience about people who have a fear of numbers like the number 13 or negative numbers; a fear of science; or that America is chock full of “below average” schools, he cracks dry jokes and the audience claps like happy seals. Tyson, in his live act, is trying to build a picture for everyone of “21st century America” and how stupid society has become on average. Meanwhile the “Doctor of Science” has no conception of what genetically modified food means, still he poses as an expert (and comedian) on everything he wishes to brand in the minds of his fans. (9)


    Tyson fabricates headlines and quotes to suit his dogmatic agenda

    Tyson has targeted journalists, religious people, members of Congress and former President George W. Bush for rejecting science, but his fabricated quotes have been researched and revealed, even as Wikipedia tries frantically to delete them. In recorded videos of Tyson doing his act, he uses slides to present his fabricated quotes as comic material to win his audience even more. These are quotes that don’t exist. He uses a supposedly New York newspaper headline about below average schools. He says someone from Congress (he doesn’t give a name) said they changed their views “360 degrees” on something, meaning they didn’t change their views at all. His jokes are an insult to intelligence and are based on false quotes. He says George W. Bush said after 9/11 that ““Our God is the God who named the stars.” But that never happened. Quotes are to journalism what data is to science, so Tyson is completely discrediting himself in the process of trying to be funny and make blunt points about science. This repeated fabrication is the cardinal sin of publishing. (10)

    According to a review of the edit history of Tyson’s Wikipedia page, a veteran editor deleted an entire section that summarized the issue of Tyson’s many fabricated quotes. To date, all of Tyson’s history of fabricating quotes has been removed from the less-than-credible “online encyclopedia” – Wikipedia.

    The “Federalist” covers Tyson’s lies and fabricated quotes in a series of articles, and one writer is quoted as saying this about Tyson: “Fabrication isn’t science. Ignoring inconvenient evidence isn’t science. And faithfully nodding your head whenever somebody says something you go agree with doesn’t make you a scientist. It makes you a parrot, and a religiously zealous one at that.” It is not professional to use fabricated quotes to illustrate larger points to keep fans and entertain them, but Tyson seems to think it’s effective. What is worse is that he’s been using the same slides for his presentation for years. Tyson has defended his article (thread) about fabricated quotes by claiming his talks are a success so long as people end up talking about the things that were fabricated (Neil deGrasse Tyson, New York City; writing from Walla Walla). (11)



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