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    One of the most outspoken consumer health advocates in the world today and the founder and Editor-in-Chief of NaturalNews.com, Mike Adams is an internet activist on the highest level and a science lab director who has poured his time, money and energy into prolific research that helps consumers around the world avoid disease and disorder and find their own ideal health. An award winning journalist, the “Health Ranger” attracts more than seven million unique visitors to his health news website monthly, from all walks of life and influence, who seek out proper nutrition strategies and the unparalleled leading-edge nutritional advice he has been delivering so forthright and concisely over the past decade. Referred to by thousands of health enthusiasts as a great “freedom fighter,” Mike Adams defends the Constitution and all that comes with it, including freedom of speech and press, and the right to the best natural healing information, including natural cures and remedies that have worked for millennia. Adams defends the truth and raises awareness of current issues plaguing our society.


    Today, alternative news is trusted far more than the mainstream media, including television and newspaper reporting. Mike Adams has uncovered links between toxins in food, water, cheap supplements and allopathic medicine with preventable diseases and disorders caused by their consumption. Critics of Natural News rely on science that is backed by fraudulent research done by corporations that are steeped in financial interest to sell genetically modified foods, symptom-cover-up medicine, unnecessary surgery, chemotherapy and toxic vaccines. Having righteous hatred for “bad medicine” is not anti-science. In fact, Adams is a scientist whose inventions, discoveries, patents and laboratory findings have unveiled a new frontier for the health battle and those health enthusiasts who win that battle each and every day. Adams himself fought off type II diabetes by educating himself about nutrition and practicing what he writes about on his health news network. One of the most proficient health and natural products writers on the scene today, Adams was once offered numerous scholarships to graduate schools but chose to start up Natural News instead, the most trafficked natural health news website in the world today. He currently lives on a ranch in Austin, Texas where he practices permaculture and self-sufficiency, and also runs the Forensic Food Lab, which was recently awarded the highest standard of international laboratory accreditation for his forensic food lab: ISO 17025.


    Adams explains the accomplishment is for FOOD TRANSPARENCY and the benefit of consumers around the globe:

    SCIENCE belongs to all of us, not just the ‘scientific elite.’ We the People are each independently qualified to invoke the principles science in the quest for knowledge. Science is not solely the domain of wealthy corporations, universities, governments or arrogant members of the ‘cult of scientism.’ In fact, the more science gets conducted by independent scientists like you and me, the stronger and more authentic science becomes!

    Welcome to a whole new era of independent food science conducted by grassroots activists working in the public interest. From this day forward, MY laboratory is now YOUR laboratory, meaning that we are applying the techniques of science to serve the interests of the people (rather than the incessant greed of the poison-pushing corporations).


    Health Ranger’s Discoveries and Inventions:

    Metal Retention Factor (MRF)

    As the lab director at the Consumer Wellness Center, Mike Adams uses high-end ICP-MS instrumentation outfitted with a Collision Reaction System to detect heavy metal toxins in foods, superfoods and even vaccines – – down to parts per billion. Since 2013, his discoveries have revealed that whole, unprocessed foods have a natural ability to retain toxic heavy metals during digestion, preventing the metals from being absorbed into the body. This discovery by Adams has been named the “Metals Retention Factor” (MRF). This discovery blows the lid off of a previous assumption made by many scientists that foods are all “fully broken down during digestion” to release all of their elemental composition, but this research shows that foods, herbs and even dietary supplements retain a certain percentage of each toxic element. These heavy metal toxins can include lead, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, uranium and even tungsten, which was never examined as a food toxin before Adam’s released his research, and for free even, as a public service via Natural Health News. (1)

    Adams’ discovery of the MRF, metal retention factor, means we must all look at protein powders and liquid mineral supplements carefully to be sure they are not contaminated with toxic elements and heavy metals. Results of all of this intense and informative laboratory research is published and readily available at Labs.NaturalNews.com.

    Metals Capturing Capacity (MCC)

    The ability of any given food or dietary substance to bind with and “capture” toxic elements like lead, mercury, cadmium or cesium-137 was named by Mike Adams as the Metals Capturing Capacity (MCC). Although this phenomenon of food’s binding abilities was understood, it was vaguely described in science journals and not given its proper importance in health and detoxification. This pioneering research investigated toxic elements by testing them down to micrograms per gram, and the results (made available with charts) show that whole foods possess a natural defense against toxicity. For example, natural insoluble fibers easily bind with dietary mercury with high efficiency, including those fibers include virtually all grains, grasses, fruits and vegetables. (2)


    Food Rising: The 3D-Printable Grow System Invention by Mike Adams

    Besides the box (container) itself, the 3D grow system invention has eight parts that are all printable (and downloadable) for standard 3D printers, which are quickly catapulting the home made capabilities and evolution of everything from gardens and gadgets to guns and other weaponry. The Food Rising grow system is the Health Ranger’s way of delivering revolutionary food abundance to people, including children, to enjoy being self-sufficient, conserving energy and resources, planning for the future, and eating their own nutritious organic food they’ve grown themselves. In the spring of 2015, Mike Adam’s non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (www.ConsumerWellness.org) secured funding from sponsors to donate 250 grow systems to schools, community centers and churches across America, thanks to the donations from companies like Living Fuel and Boku Superfood and Organic Lifestyle Magazine. (3) By teaching children (and teachers) about quality food, ultra-clean super plant food, nutrition, plants and seeds, the Health Ranger is sharing his skills and strategies for food self-reliance, seed saving, 3D printing technology and basic but vital sustainability and resourcefulness. By 3D printing precision-cut hydroponic net pots, floating valve parts, and supplying coconut coir grow media, the grow box invention needs no electricity, no soil and no flowing water to function, and can be utilized indoors anywhere in the world. (4) The kit comes with step-by-step video instructions.


    The Natural News Store and the Forensic Food Lab

    Mike Adams is also the Director of the Natural News Store facility, which is certified organic by the USDA. In this aspect, Adams helps formulate nutritional products, assess the raw materials for quality, and can examine ingredients and scrub for heavy metal toxins in the ICP-MS Natural News “Forensic Food Lab” – – down to parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion (ppb). Mike Adams, a very accomplished nutritionist, investigative reporter and science lab director has attained training and certification to operate a growing list of laboratory testing equipment, including digital microscopes. These are some of the same methods utilized by the EPA for sample preparation and quality control calibrations for testing equipment.


    Fearless Journalism and Investigative Reporting of Health News

    Over the past ten years, Mike Adams has authored thousands of professional articles that have been “religiously” read by more than a hundred million people. Adams covers anything that spills into the health realm, including agriculture, politics, economics, finance, civil rights, intellectual property law, chemistry and quantum physics, to name a few. He has conducted thousands of interviews and made many guest appearances on alternative media and even mainstream media outlets, including the Dr. Oz Show, where Adams exposed heavy metal toxins that exist in protein powders and rice. A true computer genius, Adams even wrote the code for NaturalNews.com.

    Natural News features reporters and journalists with diverse backgrounds and education. Health news is posted daily featuring more than a dozen articles investigating health concerns and natural remedies, and debunking allopathic chemical medicine claims. Truthwiki.org (5) and GoodGopher.com (6) are new powerful search engines and online encyclopedias that offer unbiased, true descriptions of the most important aspects of health and sustainability of the environment in today’s ever-changing world. Adam’s heart-felt respect for food as medicine also protects people’s right to gather helpful information on the internet to protect their own health, wealth, safety and prosperity, despite mainstream media’s attempts to memory-hole some of the most important and useful research ever done in this realm, including cancer prevention and the dangers of consuming genetically modified foods (GMO).


    Mike Adam’s Life Mission

    Adams has stated that his personal life mission is to protect the diversity of life in the universe. He believes all things are connected and that consciousness is the underlying unifying force of the universe. Unfortunately, since some of mankind is arrogant and self-destructive, a great collapse of some sort is inevitable, and it will greatly affect agriculture, the economy and the safety of the planet. Because Adams studies real science and dispels so many allopathic myths, he is “attacked” by the shills of the biotech industry who seek to destroy his reputation and freedom movement. Corporate interests in toxic “junk-science” food and crooked medicine has engineered a huge backlash on line, including in Wikipedia, that try to denounce all of the Health Ranger’s great accomplishments by calling him “anti-science” and a “quack” healer, even though these are the same organizations who once promoted cigarettes as healthy and still promote consuming toxic pesticides (GMO and Roundup), and chemotherapy and radiation for cancer.

    Adams is not anti-vaccine, but has exposed extremely dangerous toxins at very high levels that still exist in most vaccines and flu shots, including mercury (as thimerosal), formaldehyde, aluminum, MSG, human albumin (aborted fetal tissue) and more. On top of all of that, many insider “whistle-blowers” come to Natural News for refuge and to safely “bleed out the truth” about corruption taking place by the vaccine and pharmaceutical industries, to the tune of billions of dollars, mostly settled in the secret vaccine court or by “Big Pharma” in vaccine injury and pharmaceutical death cases, as paid out by the US government. (7) Because the for-profit medical system of America is so highly destructive to human civilization, the media promotes symptom cover-up prescription drugs instead of addressing root causes of disease and disorder, which is mainly chemicals in food, personal care products, water and allopathic “Western” medicine. Adams mission is to expose these crisis for what they are and offer alternative, non-invasive, practical and sustainable organic solutions for the pursuit of health freedom and self-reliance.


    Positive Influences and Accreditations

    Growing up on his grandfather’s farm, Adams learned to operate farm machinery and grew up respecting animals. His mentors include physicians, musicians, philanthropists and computer engineers. Because several of Adams’ family members were killed by the cancer industry, his journey and discoveries of natural remedies and natural healing information is emotionally and spiritually driven. He grew up volunteering at nursing homes and also teaching kids the value of computers, even delivering nutrition presentations to local high school students to raise awareness about what they were eating.

    Adams is a pioneer in exposing the dangers of consuming GMOs. He also exposed imitation blueberries in foods where food manufacturers made false claims for years, like the processed junk-science cereals that claim to contain blueberries. He exposed McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets under high-powered microscope for containing “strange fibers” that certainly were not food (and the chicken may not really be chicken at all). He has blown the whistle on fake food and supplement “gurus” who have hoax products and/or fake and falsified academic credentials, like the “Adya Clarity” detox scam and the fake acai berry scam, which eventually led to the FTC shutting down the whole operation.

    Adams helps fight for “no patents on human genes” – including a campaign that led to the US Supreme Court handing a major defeat to the company that claimed ownership of the BRCA genes used for testing breast cancer in women. (8) He received the “Voice of Liberty Award” in 2014 for outstanding reporting and commentary on government threats to individual liberty and freedom of choice. Adams was also the first investigative journalist to break the exclusive story (via an exclusive interview) of the GlaxoSmithKline whistleblower Blair Hamrick speaking out about the U.S. Department of Justice’s $3 billion settlement with GSK. Adams also helped expose FALSIFIED VACCINE SCIENCE and fraud committed by Merck regarding safety and efficacy of the MMR II vaccine, as whistle-blower and senior scientist Dr. William Thompson connected vaccine toxins in the MMR II to autism in African American boys under age three that received the vaccine. No mainstream media outlet dared cover the vital health story for fear of losing sponsors and advertising revenue to the all powerful allopathic chronic care medicine industry. (9)



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