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    Medical fascism is a totalitarian system where the medical establishment, large corporations, and government combine to exert control over the population’s medical procedures. Medical fascism is an offshoot of political fascism, and those who hold power in a medically fascist state behave in roughly the same manner. Examples of medical fascism include medical kidnapping, forced medical treatments, censoring or falsely altering the dissemination of medical information, and the elimination of medical choice, among others. Some of the more debated issues are between advocates and opponents of medical fascism are vaccines, the safety and efficacy of medical procedures like chemotherapy, medical abuse, and the right of patients to make informed medical choices regarding treatment. Medical fascism is a direct violation of the four basic moral principles of medical ethics. (autonomy, beneficence, justice, and non-maleficence)

    Examples of Medical Fascism

    Quarantine imposes isolation on people who have an infectious condition. In medical fascism, quarantine is often enforced upon “undesirable” people, regardless of their exposure to infectious disease or state of health. Recent measles outbreaks in California have led to public health officials suggesting quarantining unvaccinated children for a 21 day period during an outbreak, regardless of whether those children have measles. (1)

    Spreading of False Information

    In medical fascism the spreading of false information is commonplace. The CDC was recently caught in a scandal falsifying vaccine data. (2) The underreporting by the media of the incident was a kind of censorship. The major media outlets didn’t want to lose money by reporting it. Unbiased reporting in this instance would have hurt their advertising revenue. Drug companies manufacture vaccines. Big pharma spends a lot of money on advertising, especially on news programs as their target audience watches a lot of news. The information about vaccines being highly effective, though false was widely disseminated. The scandal caused by the CDC whistleblower was barely given notice by the media at all. The false information was the information that was widely disseminated. (3)

    Medical kidnapping

    Medical kidnapping is an increasing problem in the U.S. Parental rights and patient rights are cast aside in favor of doctors pursuing treatment as they see fit. It is more common for medical kidnapping to happen to children, but it also happens to adults. With adults who are wealthy their children are sometimes incentivized to declare them mentally ill, so they can gain access to their finances. The medical establishment has incentive for this as well, because they gain customers in this manner.

    In children medical kidnapping usually occurs when children and their parents do not want to go along with the standard method of treatment. One Amish family brought their child to a doctor because he was suffering from cancer. Amish often practice naturopathic medicine, but this family wanted to give conventional medicine a try. Under conventional treatment the girl’s condition worsened, and her parents decided to go back to traditional, Amish naturopathic treatments. This got the authorities involved and the girl’s parents had to fight for custody of their sick child. Eventually, the parents won custody back of their daughter and were able to resume treatment of their choice. (4)

    Elimination of Autonomy

    Elimination of autonomy is one of the results of medical fascism. Autonomy for a patient includes autonomous thought, and autonomous actions when making decisions about healthcare. This would mean that decisions must be free of coercion. The patient would need to fully understand all of the potential benefits and risks of medical procedures. Those responsible for gross negligence are held fully accountable. In medical fascism patients are not fully informed about risks, and only informed of benefits. Coercion to vaccinate for instance comes from local governments, such as school districts, and local departments of child protective services. Many pediatricians now refuse to take patients who will not vaccinate. (5)


    In vaccines are toxic substances such as mercury, and aluminum. The toxins are intended to render the viruses inert, and to be in low enough doses as to not cause patients harm. Another common ingredient in vaccines are drugs that suppress the immune system, so because of these ingredients vaccinations are potentially very dangerous, and the level of dangers vary from patient to patient. Many people die from vaccines every year, especially the flu vaccine, but the deaths are reported as SIDS, or as “died from unknown causes.” Deaths as a result of vaccinations are not reported as possible vaccine reactions, even when the families of the deceased believe the vaccines to have been the cause of death. (7,8)


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