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    The “American Birth Control League” (Planned Parenthood) was founded in 1921 when the first birth-control clinic was opened in Brooklyn, New York, by one Margaret Sanger. In 1942, the birth control “league” became part of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, or PPFA. Today, their budget of about $1 billion US dollars (700 clinics alloted funds) allows them to terminate (abort) roughly 300,000 unborn babies annually, which accounts for about 3% of Planned Parenthood’s goal and mission. The rest of their money and efforts concentrate on breast and cervical cancer screening, sex education and contraception. The Planned Parenthood “Action Fund” is a sister organization that allows and auspiciously enables Planned Parenthood (PP) to lobby for pro-choice legislation. This helps with population control and eugenics, as to be described as PP claims to “move away” from the pro-choice label and focus more on economic issues. Cancer screening has come under intense scrutiny over the last decade for producing many false-positives and exposing women too frequently to unnecessary x-rays, mammagrams, radiation, trauma, stress, pervasive and intrusive equipment, and for sending some women into surgery and/or chemotherapy when they don’t even have cancer.


    Though counseling is a service listed by Planned Parenthood, they may be leading many young women, adolescents and family planners down the wrong path, an allopathic nightmare of health conditions and situations that are either preventable or manageable with more holistic advice, non-intrusive medicines and healthy decision-making advice. Servicing approximately 3 million people in the US, and providing abortion services (but not paying the bill) for 300,000, or ten percent of them, which accounts for 75% of their business, with the rest of their services going to people living outside the US. Those “health” services also include vasectomies, tubal ligations and testing for STDs, sexually transmitted diseases. (1)


    Certain demographics of US population are being controlled and manipulated

    Disguised as being concerned with economic issues, as of late Planned Parenthood has allegedly been caught on video dealing baby organs (for cash values) that come from the aborted babies they “service” themselves. If so, this would be criminal for anyone buying or selling the baby parts, which include hearts, brains, cleansing organs and certain tissues. It is also alleged that entire fetuses have been sold in whole, possibly alive.

    Similarly, the origins of PP actually date back a little further than 1921, to 1916, when Margaret Sanger and her sisters, Ethel and Fania, opened a birth control clinic in Brownsville (Brooklyn), and all three of them were ARRESTED and JAILED for violating the Comstock Act, thanks to the information and promotional materials they were distributing at the clinic, and they got national attention for it, which brought support shortly after. Sanger and sisters were convicted; however, later the case was overturned. US sex education and changes in birth control laws would soon be changing and in major ways. By the close of WWII, the American Birth Control League morphed into Planned Parenthood Federation of America serving about 50,000 “clients” at over 200 centers nationwide.

    After Sanger, Alan Guttmacher took over as president of PP, serving twelve years until 1974. Meanwhile, Guttmacher got the FDA to approve the sale of the first birth control pill and President Nixon signed the “Title X” bill to provide government subsidies for low-income women to be able to receive PP “services.” Guttmacher also opened his own independent organization the “Center for Family Planning Program Development” and it was renamed the Guttmacher Institute in 1977.


    Eugenics, Vaccine Toxins and the Autism Spectrum Connection

    In 1996, Planned Parenthood (Federation of America) began awarding the “Margaret Sanger Award” to leaders furthering reproductive health, and those winning the first year were four men. Later award-winners include John D. Rockefeller III and Hillary Clinton. Today, the largest facility for PP is found in Houston, Texas and is a 78,000-square-foot structure that cost over $25 million. One fourth of all PP “clients” are teenagers and three out of four of their clients have income considerably lower than the federal poverty level. Headquartered in Washington DC, home for the corporate lobbyists, PP may have other agendas than protecting women’s rights and terminating “unwanted” pregnancies.

    Recently, a top CDC scientist and researcher confessed that the CDC manipulated data and research results that showed African American boys under three years old being much more susceptible to getting autism from the MMR vaccine. His name is Dr. William Thompson (3) and his admission of CDC fraud that took place more than ten years ago could provide insight into why the US government subsidizes and pushes propaganda for low income families to follow Planned Parenthood advice to the T’s, including whole vaccination schedules, abortions, and unnecessary cancer screenings. (2) Vaccines themselves, especially certain ones, could be causing major health detriment and auto-immune disorders, central nervous system disorders and other health problems that cause families to incur high health care costs as long as the child is alive. Any way one looks at it, there is a connection. (4) (5)

    PP recieves a third of its money as government grants and contracts, but by law, they can’t federally fund abortions. However, by “freeing up” money by paying for other medical services, one can only do the math. PP also gets funds from private donors, including 700,000 active donors (one-fourth of PP’s total revenue). Donors have included Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Turner Foundation, the Buffett Foundation and more. (6)


    “Low-income” abortions or maiming the living with too many vaccines – either way it’s profit for Planned Parenthood

    Eugenics can be defined as a claim to improve genetic features of human population through selective breeding and sterilization (forced infertility and abortion), based on superior or inferior “elements of society.” By opposing ultrasounds and catering, tailoring and subsidizing their “services” to low-income populations, the Planned Parenthood Foundation of America is telling people ultrasounds only serve as deterrents to abortion, so they’re useless. PP doesn’t want any would-be-mother becoming emotionally or spiritually connected to her child, basically, or she won’t choose to abort. This reflects the notion of conspiracy that low-income children are more prone to be a weight on society and should therefore be killed before they are born. Nazi eugenics were not too far from this, in fact, there were public posters made that represented this line of thinking, essentially, to massively shrink or dispose of the lower class, calling them feeble or inferior, and to do so through chemical medicine and toxic treatments, thus enabling population control per certain demographics, and not-coincidentally races, religions and creeds. (7) Bill Gates is well-known to support population control via vaccines (and GMO food). (8)


    Human Rights and Abortion Regulatory Agency needed desperately in USA

    Women who have abortions should have the right to make sure the body is disposed of in a proper, ethical and responsible way that respects life (and death). There should be a non-profit organization that regulates and enforces the law of this proper “burial” or cremation of the baby, so these ruthless, mindless, unethical organizations can’t sell and buy aborted babies and their organs, brains, hearts, etc. An undercover organization has just exposed Planned Parenthood’s “ghoulish practice” of harvesting aborted baby body parts and selling them on the black market, as a viral video is quickly proving true. Entire intact aborted (killed) babies allegedly are being sold by this now infamous “Women’s Health” provider. So much for non-profit status – – selling aborted baby parts seems to be a thriving cash business, and soon to find out how long this has been occurring. Could the propaganda over the years have been fueling this type of research for years, where companies and corporations pay top cash under the table for baby tissues and organs to experiment on? That would be anti-family, anti-humanity and anti-life.


    The network CNN was notified by the Center for Medical Progress just recently that employees from StemExpress company were captured on video by undercover operatives arranging transactions of the variety. Natural Health News reported on those findings as described by the Center for Medical Progress:


    “In a meeting with their top leadership, they admitted that they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory from the abortion clinics they work with, and that could be prima facie evidence of born alive infants,” Daleiden told the cable news channel. “And so that’s why they’re trying to suppress that videotape and they’re very scared of it. On May 22, Daleiden and his team had lunch with StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer and other senior personnel from the company that is the main buyer of freshly killed baby parts from Planned Parenthood. As the Center for Medical Progress has released videos, four so far, it is certain that anyone who met with Daleiden, who was posing as CEO of a fictitious company called BioMax, would become worried about what they might have said. Apparently StemExpress talked about things that may shock America and any future stockholders of the as-yet privately held company.”

    There is a lot of money to be made for delivering preserved, unborn babies and funding for running the whole for-profit (behind the scenes) criminal organization. A criminal probe is underway currently, in August of 2015, in regards to violations of US statutes by Planned Parenthood. This doesn’t appear to be any kind of staged anti-abortion event or story, as the videos speak for themselves. (9) That’s why PP is trying to suppress that videotape – – they’re very scared of it. (10)


    In wake of allegations, corporate sponsors retreating and canceling support for PP’s “Baby Chop Shop”

    Since the illicit baby-organ-trade video and aborted fetal tissue schemes had the lid blown off and made national headlines, PP is losing corporate sponsors by the minute. Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox are making plans to pull their emblems from the Planned Parenthood website. Even Pepsi supposedly stopped using aborted fetal cells for laboratory testing in the manufacture of the most addictive food-chemical substances on the planet – soda. Still the chemical violence and propaganda continues behind closed doors, but sometimes the truth leaks out and Natural Health News around the world publishes the truth, such as baby-chop-shops that sell aborted babies and their organs for cash.


    March of Dimes is also on the hook here, with social media posts revealing the giving of grants to PP dating back to 2007. Their claims are the same – they are trying to help low-income women lower certain “risks.” Many companies simply match employee contributions instead of just blatantly dishing out direct contributions. This helps them look better on paper, but the truth media reveals a much more sinister plot – – the participation in eugenics and chemical violence via vaccines, abortions, and the spread of neurotoxic medicine that causes birth defects, deformations, reproductive issues, infertility, cancer and autism spectrum disorder – an umbrella of brain and central nervous system disorders. The list of PP sponsors goes on and on, including Bank of America, Ben & Jerry’s, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual, Microsoft and Nike, and many more. From PepsiCo to Pfizer, on down to Susan G. Komen, it’s a list of repeat offenders contributing to toxic food, toxic personal care products, forced medication and eugenics via abortions and vaccines.


    As long as baby parts are being sold on the black market, corporations will pay top dollar for well-preserved organs to use for chemical research, especially food (taste) testing. It’s cannibalism diluted for the masses, and sure to be causing health detriment, and health chaos that leads people right to the poison well – Western chemical medicine. Aborted fetal human tissue has no place in food laboratories as “flavor enhancers” (Pepsi), and has no place anywhere when it’s obtained illegally, but Planned Parenthood is “The American Birth Control League” – let us all never forget, the three sisters who were arrested in the early 1900s for opening a clinic in New York where their brochures and propaganda were so obscene they were shut down. (11)



    Human babies being illegally “harvested” in the name of “science”

    Because so many young women are under pressure whether to have a baby or an abortion, whether to keep a baby, put it up for adoption, get help from parents, or worst case, get an abortion – these are heavy responsibility decisions, and who is looking out for the baby if it is aborted? Certainly not Planned Parenthood, and since PP has a vested financial interest in aborting the most babies possible, they are most likely convincing as many young women and teenagers to auspiciously follow the corporate-led agenda, so their babies can be used for taste testing of products that cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease. PP is most likely persuading and even coercing girls into abortion, ignoring the “vessels of consciousness” that exist in their bodies and could exist in the world, if given a fair chance. Still, this is regarded as “science” – – the use of unborn human infants as biological specimens that get chopped up and sold on the black market for cash. Is Planned Parenthood on the hook for mass murder? True medical choice for these pregnant women may not be found at “The American Birth Control League.”


    There will be more forthcoming investigation into the alleged and videotaped incriminating evidence, and there may be more than this. It could be that babies are being aborted and kept alive and sold alive to corporations or even individuals. Is this a mass execution or genocide? It begs the question. Truthwiki and Fetch.news look for constant updates to keep the truth uncovered. Just as science-based propaganda led the charge for the Nazi-regime, convincing much of the world that a certain race or religion of people are inferior, less-productive, genetically impaired, or incapable of contributing to society financially and therefore should be killed off – – today we see more of the same with biotechnology, toxic pro-vaccine agendas and talk of population control or reduction via vaccines. Just because scientists are using microscopes and testing chemicals in laboratories doesn’t mean it’s for the betterment of mankind and should be labeled “science.”


    Planned Parenthood is dug in deep and the Federation has been at it for one hundred years; however, make no mistake, if you oppose unethical and illegal science you are NOT “anti-science,” though the corporate media and the state will readily label one as such. The good of society won’t come from ending innocent human lives – – not even in the name of scientific research. Scientists get plenty of the information they need from examining rats, which have 96% the same DNA as humans. There’s no need for medical experimentation on Jewish prisoners or unborn babies. Though 3,500 babies are aborted every day in America, not a single one should ever be used like a guinea pig for scientific experimentation. The main obstacle in the prevention of this abuse is the universal recognition of consciousness. This alone could help end scientific materialism and the corrupt malfeasance we find so prevalent in the medical and food industries alike today. (12)


    Why Planned Parenthood discriminates against Blacks – attempting to make them life-long “Pharma” customers


    Sacrificing children on the “alter of medical quackery” will in no way go down in history as valid science, but rather as evil eugenics and corporate greed. Claiming to advocate public health is proving to be PP’s well-engineered smoke screen for their true agendas. Eugenicists have gained positions of power over the years and are even running the show for tax-payer funded groups. Thanks to the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) for publishing their series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood and their greedy, unethical practices. The investigative footage reveals PP actively engaged in an illegal organ-trade scheme with biotechnology companies that generates mass money for PP’s upper management. With abortion goals and mass vaccination goals aimed directly at lower-income families across America, shills and shysters like Dr. Mary Gatter, Planned Parenthood’s Medical Directors’ Council President are getting paid well to exterminate what they deem “unfit for society” or a “burden on society” just like the Nazis did 75 years ago. Mass media will try to spin the story, as usual, but alternative health media has already blown the lid off the whole tragedy. Corporate sponsors of PP are the Medical Mafia. It all boils back to the infamous Margaret Sanger. This is all mass deception for “a woman’s right to choose” that’s allowing people to sell aborted babies in pieces on the black market and it’s enabling eugenicists to literally get away with murder. (13)


    The latest stunt Planned Parenthood believes they “pulled off” was a fake hack of their website just days after the video exposure dealing baby parts was released. PP put up a “campaign” template at their site that directs you to one of their donation pages. Savvy internet goers figured out their stunt and broadcast the truth to alternative news and blasted social media like Twitter.




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