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    Lena H. Sun is a self-acclaimed reporter who focuses on Allopathic health education by pushing chemically-derived pharmaceuticals and experimental, “dirty” vaccines. With her BS in communication, Sun focuses her shilling efforts in the realm of “public health” while pushing age old debunked myths about infectious disease, via the Washington Post, a.k.a. the “D.C. Rag.”

    Lena H. Sun has been outed and ousted as a blatant vaccine propagandist for the Washington Post (Wapo) who moonlights as a shill for the pharmaceutical industry, pushing the repeatedly-debunked myth that vaccines are always “safe and effective,” so she can make her bonuses (vaccine lobbying dollars) while deliberately deceiving WaPo’s readers.

    Once the scripted pharma lies are published, Google pushes the posts and entries high up in search engines, using algorithms, under searches such as “vaccines safe and effective” in order to help spread Suns’ propaganda that influences innocent Americans and attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of millions of American skeptics of the highly experimental CDC vaccine schedule.

    It’s a vicious cycle of cheap sellout “journalism” that’s on the rise in 2020. Sun ranks now among other infamous hucksters of the internet, who also sell Americans on anything chemical as being good for health, including chemical pesticides, chemical prescription pharmaceuticals, all things GMO, chemotherapy, and of course every single vaccine the CDC “recommends,” even when those vaccines contain deadly neurotoxins and heavy metal poisoning, namely mercury, African Green Monkey kidney cells, and human abortion cells.

    Sun makes her staple diet (writer’s salary) writing about the Metro transit system while vying for more illegal immigration across the board. She also won an award for writing about terrorism back in 2002 (as part of a national reporting team). Sun can speak Mandarin and broken French.

    Natural News reports that Lena Sun is indirectly funded by the CIA to promote vaccine propaganda, even if those vaccines are deadly and the secretive vaccine “court” has settled for $4 billion over the past 20 years over vaccine-induced injuries. It’s all hush money but charlatans and hacks like Lena Sun make a living keeping those facts out of the bloody newspaper.

    Lena Sun – the new poster girl for dirty vaccines in America

    Since American children are recommended by the CDC to get 60 vaccines before age 7, parents are realizing this massively compromises their children’s immune systems, and now these parents are asking tough questions of the corrupt medical industry. That’s where Lena Sun comes in, with fake news articles meant to shut down those intelligent questions parents are asking, and explain them away with brain-damaging answers that make no sense at all.

    Parents are now demanding doctors space out or delay the vaccine schedule. Lena Sun wants to convince everyone that it’s only about the “pain and stress” of getting more than one shot at a time, ignoring the fact that combinations of viruses in multi-dose vaccines and combo-jabs are completely experimental and have never been proven safe or effective in any laboratory anywhere on Planet Earth.

    It’s never safe to inject mercury or sqaulene into a child’s muscle tissue, much less when that infant just turned six months old. Research reveals that the MMR and influenza shots are the most dangerous of all, mostly because once infected with the Measles virus, the immune system is overwhelmed by the mumps and rubella viruses, and with the latter, mercury damages the CNS and the developing child’s brain. Lena Sun is paid to never speak of these facts.

    Lena Sun also pushes the vaccine myth that herd theory saves children during disease “outbreaks” – even still trying to push the debunked Disneyland outbreak, where most of the children infected were the vaccinated ones. In other words, the immunization failed to protect against the virus, and now scientists are revealing that it’s the vaccinated children who spread the disease by “shedding the virus” during the first two weeks after getting the shot, because it’s not a dead virus, but only weakened by formaldehyde.

    Sun is a propagandist, pushing lies that say the reason vaccines are given so close together and so early in a child’s life is because that’s when the infants immune system “will respond well.” She provides no medical or scientific proof to source these wild claims. She goes on to say that the longer a child waits on getting those 60 vaccines, the greater the risk of exposure. She claims there is no risk at all to the immune system, even though the autism epidemic came rushing in as soon as the CDC massively increased the doses of the schedule and pushed them all closer together. Even the lead scientist at the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, confessed about the MMR vaccine causing autism, especially in black boys under age three. Vaccines also screw up the bowels, and the good gut bacteria (flora), and that’s what leads to autism, not just the heavy metal toxins and combinations of live viruses attacking and disrupting the central nervous system of the child.

    Lena Sun and WaPo’s Editors purposely ignore science-backed research revealing the CDC childhood vaccine schedule has never been proven safe or effective in clinical studies

    Lena Sun and her editors purposely ignore validated and science-backed published research from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons in 2016, “The safety of CDC’s childhood vaccination schedule was never affirmed in clinical studies. Vaccines are administered to millions of infants every year, yet health authorities have no scientific data from synergistic toxicity studies on all combinations of vaccines that infants are likely to receive.”

    Again, the CDC vaccine schedule was never proven safe or effective in clinical studies, yet Lena Sun brags just the oppositie, proving she is a true shill for the quacks of Allopathy and chemical-based medicine. 

    Playing down the dangers of flu shots for pregnant women – a dirty trick through word and mind manipulation

    The CDC themselves conducted research that discovered a link between getting the mercury-laced flu shot during pregnancies and having a miscarriage due to it. This was a major reveal by the corrupt vaccine industry, and they needed a stooge to cover it up. That stooge was Lena Sun in September of 2017, when she wrote a WaPo rag of an article emphasizing that all the CDC found was “an association, not a causal link.” Then she fully promoted getting the flu shot during pregnancy.

    The scary findings that Lena Sun is paid not to reveal is the fact that the CDC research from 2017 shows that women who got a flu shot two years in a row had eight times the risk of having a miscarriage. Claiming it’s safe for all pregnant women while leaving out those prolific findings should be a crime. It’s certainly chemical violence being pushed by propagandists at the Post. No studies ever cited by the CDC have ever proven vaccines to be safe or effective, and that’s why Americans can’t find studies that compare infectious disease outbreaks between the “vaxxed” and the “unvaxxed.”

    When liars and propagandists like Lena Sun start publishing the truth about chemical medicine in America, then an “awards” they get will be recognized by truth media and independent media, that have exposed them and will continue doing so, by any means necessary to keep Americans informed and with choice about what is put in their bodies under the guise of “immunity” and “treatment.”

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