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    Over the past 75 years, as the USA has developed new chemicals for agriculture, personal care products, hospitals, businesses, homes, and schools, so has developed, unfortunately, the widespread contamination of our conventional food, tap water and allopathic medicine. Many of the industrial and processing chemicals of these industries go completely untested, unchecked, and unlabeled, or the “ingredients” are so long and complicated, people don’t even know whether they are foods, chemicals, synthetic preservatives, toxic herbicides, cancer-causing food dyes, chemical-based pesticides, concentrated salts, artificial sweeteners, plastics (BPA), known carcinogens, central nervous system disruptors, endocrine disruptors, genetically modified organisms, or deadly artificial ingredients. The lab director at the Consumer Wellness Center, Mike Adams, also known as the Health Ranger and Editor-in-Chief of NaturalNews.com, uses high-end ICP-MS instrumentation to detect heavy metal toxins, dangerous pesticides and even herbicides in foods, superfoods, tap water, cigarettes and vaccines (including the flu shot)–down to the parts per billion. These heavy metal toxins may include lead, aluminum, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, uranium and even tungsten, which was never examined as a food toxin before. (1)


    In conjunction with the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (ConsumerWellness.org), Natural News publishes heavy metals lab reports for off-the-shelf food products

    Since 2013, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has discovered a whole world of “hurt” that most consumers never even considered before. Could a vast majority of America’s preventable diseases really be cured in one fell swoop with this prolific collection of information revealing what’s really in our food? In his new book, we begin to realize, thanks to Mike Adam’s persistent research and courage to spread the truth, that the US regulatory agencies not only DO NOT do their jobs safeguarding food, water and medicine, but they are paid to do the opposite–to deregulate certain industries so corporations can “get away with murder” by infusing chemicals into the agriculture and medicine in order to turn profits–to the tune of billions of dollars yearly. (2) (13)


    ICP-MS Natural News Food Forensics Lab

    Mike Adams is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist, and science lab director, who has released his research to this point for free, as a public service via Natural Health News. Now, everything has been synthesized in his new book, bringing together years of information that blows the lid off the Big Food and Big Pharma industries and their haphazard ways of polluting our country and debilitating public health in the process.


    Adams is also the Director of the Natural News Store facility, which is certified organic by the USDA. In this aspect, Adams helps formulate nutritional products, assess the raw materials for quality, and examines ingredients to scrub for heavy metal toxins down to parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion (ppb). Mike Adams, a very accomplished nutritionist, investigative reporter and science lab director attained training and certification to operate this growing list of laboratory testing equipment, including digital microscopes. These are some of the same methods utilized by the EPA for sample preparation and quality control calibrations for testing equipment. The Food Forensics laboratory is accredited by the ISO under its global analytical accuracy standards program known as ISO 17025.


    Four three years and counting now, Adams has spent countless hours in his lab in central Texas making precedent-setting health discoveries and patenting inventions all the while. For example: Adams revealed that whole, unprocessed foods have a natural ability to retain toxic heavy metals during digestion, preventing the metals from being absorbed into the body. This discovery by Adams has been named the “Metals Retention Factor” (MRF). This discovery blows the lid off of a previous assumption made by many scientists that foods are all “fully broken down during digestion” to release all of their elemental composition. In fact, this research shows that foods, herbs and even dietary supplements retain a certain percentage of each toxic element (per MRF). The discovery of MRF means we must all look at protein powders, rice proteins, and liquid mineral supplements carefully to be sure they are not contaminated with toxic elements and heavy metals. Even certified organic foods coming from China are often laden with heavy metal toxins from the mass industry pollution overflow into the farming regions. Mike Adams has revealed this and summarized everything in his new book.


    Adams also discovered what is now termed Metals Capturing Capacity (MCC), or the ability of any given food or dietary substance to bind with and “capture” toxic elements like lead, mercury, cadmium or cesium-137. Though the theory was understood before, science journals did a poor job assigning the importance of the aspect for health and detoxification. The AMA is notorious for leaving information of this nature out of medical school journals and peer reviews. For example, the book lays out all the major areas of concern for toxic elements in food that the FDA doesn’t even consider, much less test for in our foods. The Health Ranger is testing toxic elements down to micrograms per gram, charting everything, and he has found that certain whole foods possess a natural defense against toxicity, such as when insoluble fibers bind with dietary mercury, with very high efficiency. That would apply to most grains, grasses, and produce.


    Mike Adams motivation to build a high tech lab, apply forensics to food, and write a book based on all of it

    Adams has stated that his personal life mission is to “protect the diversity of life in the universe.” But, because the for-profit chemical-agriculture and medical systems of America are so highly destructive to human civilization, and the media promotes symptom cover-up prescription drugs instead of addressing root causes of disease and disorder, Adam’s feels he has a responsibility to expose the chemicals and heavy metal toxins lurking in food, water, superfoods, supplements, protein powders, vaccines and more. This exposes many health “crisis” for what they really are, and offers “alternative, non-invasive, practical and sustainable organic solutions for the pursuit of health freedom and self-reliance.”


    History of lead in water relates to lead being found in U.S. city municipal taps now

    Why is it so important to have an honest public researcher sharing information about lead, fluoride, herbicide and pesticide in drinking water? Because nobody else–no regulatory agencies or independent labs–are doing it right now. History PROVES entire peoples have suffered from drinking polluted or chemical-laden water. Many historians believe that part of the reason for the fall of ancient Rome (2) was the lead pipes through which they were running the city’s drinking water. A few decades back a researcher named Jerome Nriagu wrote a milestone paper about the collapse of the Roman civilization due to lead poisoning. (3) Huge volumes of fresh water flowed via the aqueducts to the heart of the Roman empire, but it was all contaminated as it passed through the network of lead pipes that distributed the water throughout the city. This is what has been happening in Flint, Michigan for years and the EPA has covered it up. There is currently a nationwide citizens’ uprising against the EPA and lead poisoning of our public water supplies. (5)


    Not long ago, a scientist named Clair Patterson was the person responsible for getting governments to ban lead from gasoline. What if no businesses or regulations existed for checking for lead in gasoline right now–would you be concerned for your automobile’s “well-being?” The human body is a machine, but it breaks down when fed heavy metal toxins for fuel. The Health Ranger is helping us make this connection. Maybe lead was not the prime culprit of Rome’s demise, but it stands as a precedent for major public health issues today, along with toxic sodium fluoride that the EPA, FDA and CDC all approve as a safe additive to most US municipal taps, at least until the people who wake up to it protest and vote it down.


    Bottom line: scientists discovered that compositions of sediments from Rome’s Tiber River and the Trajanic Harbor (4) (a major port of the Roman Empire) show the tap water from ancient Rome had at least 100 times more lead than local spring waters. How is this scientific fact? Because sediments trap contaminants as they form, so research of this nature studies sediment core drilled from ocean floors and river beds and that reveals levels of environmental pollution that can date back even thousands of years. So we must ask now, what’s the lead (and aluminum and fluoride) content in most US cities right now? And what about glyphosate, a main ingredient in Roundup – the world’s most popular and toxic herbicide?


    The Health Ranger is gathering and testing over 1,000 locations and published results are forthcoming. Do not expect the EPA to beat him to the punch, either. (24) The CDC doesn’t even regulate mercury content in food or medicine. The FDA doesn’t regulate aluminum in food. Is the “Fall of the USA” on the horizon, to be documented in history books as being caused by KNOWN CARCINOGENS and heavy metal toxins in the food, water and medicine?


    Post-WWII chemical pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, fluoride in water, and industrial pollution of farm lands


    Who is investigating the levels of contaminants in food for the past 75 years? The USDA’s certified organic seal still does NOT include testing for heavy metal toxins in food. The EPA pretends to care about mercury levels in fish and water, but doesn’t look at dental fillings or flu shots and inoculations–that contain devastatingly high levels of mercury. The FDA is too busy “fast” approving chemical drugs for the symptoms of the typical Americans who are consuming heavy metal toxins daily and other food contaminants like BPA (bisphenol-A). The vaccine industry has its own court so when they get sued for the damages caused by vaccines it doesn’t end up in the newspapers, mainstream online news sources, or on television media. The CDC promotes flu shots that they admit don’t even work. Only independent science and honest journalism and reporting can pave the way for public health via natural food and natural medicine. The consumers have a right to know what’s in their food, in animal feed, in pet food, and in the municipal taps. This should be common knowledge published and labeled in plain sight in plain English on everything Americans consume, but it is not.


    U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have no heavy metals limits

    Neither the FDA nor USDA has any official, universal limit on heavy metals in foods, beverages, and dietary supplements sold to U.S. consumers. Most consumers of USDA-certified organic foods automatically assume those foods are substantially free of heavy metals because they are labeled organic.


    In fact, corporations are paying millions (17) to keep consumers in the dark regarding most chemicals (that’s been happening for 75 years) and heavy metal toxins, and now GMO (for the past thirty years and counting). Chemical corporations pay shills–public scientists, journalists and academics alike–to speak and write their propaganda word-for-word in order to keep consumers ignorant of the truth. This has even been reported on and published by the New York Times, thanks to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests made by the US Right-to-Know group. (18)


    From investigating MSG to animal feed contaminants, from pet foods to chocolate used in protein powders, from household water to testing water filters for the home, the Health Ranger is the world’s foremost pioneer of food investigations that alert and alarm us about dangers lurking in things that end up in our bodies doing harm, creating cell disorders, fueling chronic health problems, and breaking down our immune systems.


    Defensive eating and avoiding chemical contaminants

    First and foremost, the Health Ranger advises us in his new book that every U.S. household should be equipped with some sort of water filtration device due to the very POOR quality of municipal water, and he’s not talking about the cheap pitchers you put in the refrigerator. In fact, Adams has tested the ability of commercial water filters to remove toxic heavy metals. Some of these toxins were not added to the water at a treatment plant, but rather formed in the pipes on the way to your home, like chloramines, which are carcinogenic chemical compounds. (12) All of the popular gravity water filters were tested, including Big Berkey, ProPur, Zen Water Systems and more. (Big Berkey is by far superior per the results published). Some of the cheap filters like the countertop brands barely removed any toxic heavy metals at all. Reverse osmosis proved to do a good job removing heavy metals, though.


    Detoxifying the body from heavy metal toxins like cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury, tungsten, aluminum

    For the history books and the health books, Mike Adams has documented that many organic foods and superfoods can be high in toxic heavy metals. Though the terms themselves represent “cleaner” food than conventional and more nutritious food than conventional or GMO, some companies have been “bought out” by corporations, and some labels too, and not every clean food label means the food has been thoroughly checked for contaminants. (19) Neither “Project non-GMO verified” nor the “USDA certified organic” checks for heavy metal toxins at all. The label “all natural” means nothing and the FDA does not regulate that term or label at all. So where can the knowledgeable consumer turn for forthright information on this? The Health Ranger’s new book is the most comprehensive and reliable source on the planet right now.


    General rules of engagement for investigating food for heavy metal toxins

    Per the Mike Adam’s advice in “Food Forensics – Foods that Harm and Foods that Heal,” as a general rule, be leery of anything imported from China, Thailand, and India. Most spices from India are contaminated with lead. China’s agricultural sector is WIDELY CONTAMINATED with heavy metals from the vast industries that pollute the agriculture sectors. Most foods grown in the US are free from high amounts of heavy metals, though many are being tested now for aluminum, lead and fluoride (7), since much of US water is contaminated with those and is used to water farm lands. (8)


    Data published in easy-to-understand format for laymen who want to know the levels of poison in US food, water and vaccines

    Every investigation Mike Adams publishes assigns simple ratings to the products and ingredients. Like nothing ever published before, “Food Forensics(9) are translated into laymen’s terms (6) and made simple for us to gauge, unlike anything ever before published by anyone, any group, or any regulatory agency. The ratings are like a graded paper in school or college. You may be asking, for example “What concentrations are “acceptable” in our food?” According to the Health Ranger (10), all products must meet an “A” grade (or higher) to remain in the Natural News (health food) store.


    Here are maximum levels of lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury – set for public health safety (and for food manufacturers use): (11)


    Verified A+++

    Lead 0.025 ppm

    Cadmium 0.1 ppm

    Arsenic 0.62 ppm

    Mercury 0.006 ppm


    Verified A++

    Lead 0.05 ppm

    Cadmium 0.25 ppm

    Arsenic 1.25 ppm

    Mercury 0.012 ppm


    Verified A+

    Lead 0.12 ppm

    Cadmium 0.5 ppm

    Arsenic 2.5 ppm

    Mercury 0.025 ppm


    Verified A

    Lead 0.25 ppm

    Cadmium 1 ppm

    Arsenic 5 ppm

    Mercury 0.050 ppm


    Verified B

    Lead 0.5 ppm

    Cadmium 2 ppm

    Arsenic 10.0 ppm

    Mercury 0.1 ppm


    Verified C

    Lead 1 ppm

    Cadmium 4 ppm

    Arsenic 20.0 ppm

    Mercury 0.2 ppm


    Verified D

    Lead 2 ppm

    Cadmium 8 ppm

    Arsenic 40.0 ppm

    Mercury 0.4 ppm


    Verified F (fail)

    Anything worse than a grade of “D”


    We (the public) get an inside look at the data here. It’s like being in the lab and analyzing the results ourselves. The Health Ranger is very forthright and honest with his research and the publishing of the results. He explains the science behind the science, that most “non-science” people would not otherwise understand or even attempt to comprehend. This puts it all in “health 101” terms citizens can read, understand, and put to work for themselves right away. This is revolutionary and for the public interest. This helps us defend our own personal eating habits and protect the environment and the other animals and plants that live and thrive on natural food and clean water.


    As the Health Ranger explains, “Not all elements have the same degree of concern at the same levels. Mercury, for example, becomes worrisome at relatively low levels in foods (50 ppb, for example), while cadmium at 50 ppb is generally not much of a concern. But at 500 ppb, cadmium may begin to warrant attention, and if cadmium is present at 5,000 ppb, then it’s clearly a concern.”


    The Natural News food lab has been referred to as the “death blow” to the centralized food industry

    With industrial pollution worsening and many “organic” foods now imported from China, the ratio of toxic elements in ALL food is increasing, yet meanwhile, the demand for clean food is increasing, putting some industrial “foodists” out of business or “on the ropes,” losing money and laying off staff, like Monsanto. But now, because the heavy metals lab results are in and being published for the world to see, even radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe can be measured in foods that might contain Cesium and Uranium.


    Where’s the EPA now, to do THEIR job? The Health Ranger is pouring in money from the proceeds of the Natural News Store to have supervised the construction of this lab, for running it now, and taking the time to synthesize the information and publish for the public. Toxic elements are often implicated in the causes of so many diseases and disorders, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, cognitive impairment, birth defects, hardening of the arteries, strokes, heart disease and more. The Natural News lab is ending a reign of terror in food brought on by careless corporations (like Monsanto) and reckless US regulatory agencies neglecting the job they’re paid to do. (18) The Health Ranger, who oversees his laboratory operations, is revealing toxins in conventional grocery products, superfoods, breakfast cereals, protein powders, packaged meats, infant formulas, sodas, teas, dietary supplements and more.


    Another key scientist (and his team) investigating chemicals in foods is Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini and his team in France. Seralini tested the dangers of animals consuming glyphosate and found shocking results, that the mass media buried from the public’s view. Following Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini’s 2012 study, his team demanded an immediate freeze on approvals of genetically modified (GM) foods until mandatory, transparent, and independently conducted long-term tests are put in place internationally. They also demand that GM foods already on the market be tested for long-term safety.


    The 2012 study by Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini’s team at the University of Caen, France showed that eating GM maize and low doses of the Roundup herbicide with which it is grown damaged the health of rats over the long term. (15) The treated rats suffered more severe organ damage, and higher rates of tumours and premature death, than controls. This was the first long-term study on the commercialized GM maize NK603 and its associated herbicide and the most detailed study on any GM food. (14)


    Food Transparency provided by the Health Ranger

    “This food science project is about providing transparency to consumers so they can make informed decisions about what foods they wish to consume or avoid,” Adams explains. “Many people also have health conditions which are worsened by toxic heavy metals, and given that these elements can stay in the body for decades, consumers are empowered by knowing which foods are safer for them to consume.”

    Currently, foods can be legally sold in the US that contain EXTREMELY HIGH LEVELS of HEAVY METALS and TOXIC ELEMENTS. Neither the FDA nor the USDA has set any upper limit on heavy metals in foods. All heavy metals bio-accumulate in mammals and humans, so the longer we consume them, the worse the health effects likely become. (16)

    Many protein products are being revealed to be high in lead, cadmium, arsenic, and aluminum, like in popular vegan products. (19) Watch out for organic companies that have “sold out” to huge corporations. There is a map of this for consumer reference provided by Cornicopia Institute HERE.

    Hemp products, on the other hand, have been testing clean at the Food Forensics lab. The Health Ranger strongly advises everyone to check with manufacturers about metal levels in products such as vegan protein, and urge them to regulate them and label them as such. This is a mission and movement for clean food that is being waged on a continual basis and in order to provide sustainable choices for citizens seeking them.


    EPA is a corrupt and incompetent regulatory regime that fails to protect America from lead poisoning

    In Rome, nobody knew better, so when the water was contaminated with lead, they wouldn’t have known how to test for it if they wanted to, but today, we know about the dangers of consuming lead AND we can test for it, so why don’t we? Sadly, the EPA, the regulatory agency that is actually IN CHARGE of this vital responsibility has utterly failed to do it’s job, and this is happening even when they are “in the know” of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals polluting the tap water. (20) More than 1 million pipes made from steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, and lead navigate our water supply under US streets. Lead pipes were mostly used in older homes for water lines, but now that we have a much clearer understanding of the DANGERS of lead, we should be replacing every one of them, and especially since lead is so dangerous to children. The new Food Forensics book lays out the dire need of Americans to consider exactly what it is they’re drinking and even bathing in, that comes directly from these metal pipes.

    Nearly every city east of the Mississippi, the older part of America, has older alloy pipes containing lead that is corroding. That corrosion releases into the water and your average cheap filter pitcher in the refrigerator isn’t doing a thing to save your health from this nightmare, and neither is the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and neither is the CDC, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and neither is the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, that allows bureaucrats to add sodium fluoride, a drug itself and an insecticide, to the municipal supply–on purpose.


    What KIND of fluoride lurks in YOUR water? The myth and the misnomer unraveled for public health and education

    For starters, fluoride, when used for treatment or prevention of disease in man, is considered a DRUG that is subject to FDA regulation. The EPA, the AMA and the ADA (American Dental Association) all say that the US government puts fluoride in US drinking water because it fosters stronger teeth and prevents tooth decay. This is an insidious lie and on many levels. Time and time again the Health Ranger has informed us that the FDA has NEVER approved fluoride supplementation as a safe and effective treatment, and the FDA does NOT list fluorine as an essential nutrient (this is true according to their own documents, since 1967). Sodium fluoride, the kind of fluoride put in municipal tap water, is NOT necessary for health, in fact, it’s just the opposite–it’s detrimental to health, IQ, bone strength, immunity, and more. How have they tricked us?

    The term “fluoride supplement” implies its a dietary supplement, but fluoride is NOT a nutrient, because the body has no physiological demand for it. Therefore, most US tap water is drugged, illegally, by US regulatory agencies, and even if they did disclose there are drugs in the tap water, they’re not measuring it, so nobody knows just how many parts per million their baby, child, or they themselves are drinking any given meal or day, or week, month or year. Toxic sodium fluoride is in the tap water, the food, the beverages, and some medicine. So how much?


    High-tech ion chromatography testing reveals everything

    What else is in the water supply besides heavy metals? Research reveals artificial sweeteners, people’s prescription medications, fluoride, forms of bleach, chlorine, artificial hormones, antibiotics, and a whole host of pathogens. The Health Ranger has begun ion chromatography fluoride testing in the name of citizen scientists who have stepped up to do the job the EPA is supposed to do. Mike Adams and his team in the food forensics lab are testing water samples using ion chromatography (IC), a process that detects concentrations of major anions like fluoride, chloride, nitrate, nitrite and sulfate. This IC system is so advanced it can be used to analyze water chemistry for an ecosystem, and to deduce the sugar or salt content in food and even isolate specific proteins.


    Health Ranger using the EPA’s own advanced, modern science to expose the EPA

    With no company paying him to do it, and no corporate sponsors, (17) and no government grants or funds, and no Wall Street investors or lobbyists or politicians backing him, the Health Ranger is doing all of this for public health and environmental safety. The EPA uses this same equipment for different purposes. They do test the city water, but they don’t tell anyone what’s in it. There are no headlines in mainstream media that talk about fluoride injectors and their calibration, or the maximum amounts of bug killer and industrial waste allowed in the tap water. The Health Ranger is more of a genius renegade scientist blowing the whistle on the whole operation, using their whole science-based and evidence-based methodology.


    We are using the EPA’s own science to expose the EPA,” (21) Adams says in his book. There could be hundreds if not thousands of cities in the USA experiencing the life and health-threatening issues that Flint, Michigan (and schools in New Jersey) are experiencing with lead contaminating their drinking water, while the EPA sits behind their desks getting paid six figures to steal electronics, look at porn, and look the other way when US citizens complain about the color and contents of their water supply in their homes. (24)


    Mike Adams has teamed up with a former NASA contract scientist to conduct scientific analysis of heavy metal toxins in samples coming from all over the USA right now. They are posting the results at EPAWatch.org. (22) These water samples will be coming directly from people’s homes, offices and school water fountains. How many times a day do our children dip their mouths under the stream of fluoride and lead and copper and cadmium coming out of the water fountains, in every hall, at every school?


    EPA, FDA, CDC and WHO warnings about heavy metal toxins conflict themselves

    According to WHO (World Health Organization), mercury, even in tiny doses, causes serious health problems. The maximum containment level for drinking water is set at 2 parts per billion (ppb). Yet there is 25,000 times that amount in a flu shot, that the CDC recommended last year, to which they admitted they guessed the wrong strains, and so it didn’t work. They said people should get injected with 25,000 times the mercury they said not to drink in the water, just to be on the “safe side.” That toxin is going straight into muscle tissue and blood, possibly crossing the blood/brain barrier, completely bypassing any normal body defenses, like the lungs, digestion, saliva or even a normal immune system reaction. It doesn’t make sense. And then “modern science” wonders what causes autism, asperger’s, Alzheimer’s and auto-immune dysfunctions.


    Fact: There is NO safe blood level concentration of mercury, just as there is NO safe blood level of lead. The CDC recommends a threshold at just 50 ppb of lead, where a child is deemed to have lead poisoning. That’s just 5 micrograms per deciliter of blood. The heavy metal tungsten has been implicated in causing strokes. Is this taught in schools to children, or high schools to teenagers, or medical colleges to MDs? No. The EPA has set the arsenic max in drinking water at .01 ppb. Are they measuring the taps across the nation for our safety? No. (25) Cadmium, when ingested in high doses, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and severe gastroenteritis, according to ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry). Are they running tests on pet treats, protein powders, rice proteins, or cosmetics? No. But the Health Ranger is taking care of this for the public interest and publishing it all in his new book. Take heed.
    Examples of Health Ranger’s Food Forensics Lab results using ICP-MS research:

    (Note: 1,000 ppb = 1 ppm)


    * More than 500 ppb mercury in cat treats and fish-based dog treats

    * More than 10 ppm tungsten in rice protein products

    * More than 5 ppm lead in ginkgo herb products

    * More than 11 ppm lead in mangosteen powder

    * More than 400 ppb lead in cacao powders

    * More than 500 ppb lead and more than 2,000 ppb cadmium in rice proteins

    * More than 6 ppm arsenic and more than 1 ppm lead in some spirulina products

    * More than 500 ppb mercury in dog treats

    * More than 200 ppb lead in brand-name mascara products


    Breaking the conspiracy of silence about toxins in foods, water and vaccines

    Mike Adams describes the point of his book is to break the conspiracy of silence and reveal what’s lurking in some of our favorite foods, even organic foods and superfoods and dietary supplements, so we can make informed choices. Plus, the format of the book is laid out so straightforward, in a manner you never see or even would see from the companies that manufacture these products or the regulatory agencies that are supposed to inspect and approve all of the ingredients for safety and even sustainability. To deny the dangers of consuming heavy metal toxins is to deny science and fact.


    Corporations are engaging in sheer deception and consumer fraud at the highest levels and in some of the supposedly most clean food. They’ve polluted certain supplements, detoxification programs and certainly weight loss crazes. From imported rice proteins from industrial-polluted China to lead in US city tap water, most companies and regulatory agencies place profits and lobbyist gifts over consumer safety and they get away with it every day. There are no more checks and balances in the food, beverage and allopathic medicine realms, so we as citizens and citizen scientists must check everything ourselves.


    Big Food and Big Pharma want to silence Mike Adams and his prolific work exposing toxins in food, water and medicine

    According to the Health Ranger, Mike Adams:


    “I have been offered money not to publish this book. I’ve been offered large advertising contracts to leave certain products out of this book. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits for publishing laboratory results on the Internet. One of the largest natural products retailers in the United States, a $12 billion company, deliberately trained its employees to lie about me in very specific terms by telling customers that “Mike Adams doesn’t have a lab” and that all the laboratory results I’ve been publishing are fictional … No matter how much I am threatened, I refuse to remain silent on this crucial issue for public health and food transparency.”


    Health Ranger is the world’s foremost pioneer of food investigations

    Mike Adams is establishing heavy metals limits for foods, superfoods, and dietary supplements, that have been embraced already by many companies who care about their customers’ health and well-being, not just profits. The Food Forensics lab websites provide voluntary heavy metals guides for manufacturers too (see grading scale covered earlier). These standards may be revised and updated from time to time, as more information is synthesized about the impact of heavy metals on human health. There will be further distinguishing organic compounds from inorganic ones. Though the system of regulation will be voluntary by consumers and manufacturers alike at first, the hope is that the USDA, FDA and EPA will step up and do their jobs properly, and pick up these food investigations themselves. No matter the case, the public can rely on the Health Ranger, a massively successful and independent researcher kind enough to do ALL of this work on his own right now and share the results with the public. Currently, Natural News is the only organization on the planet taking on the task, and from the private sector at that!


    Learn about the origins of toxic elements, the effects of consuming chemical contaminants such pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives. Understand how humans absorb these contaminants, how they bind inside us, how we can eat foods that bind to them, how we can eat foods that help us expel them, and find in-depth research and explanations with research citations and even technical and scientific terms, for those doctors, scientists and biologists out there who want to read these facts in their familiar terms. We all need this information and need to put it to use in our lives to protect not only ourselves but future generations who can and will be affected by our DNA, our carbon footprint, and our agricultural practices. (23)


    This book on Food Forensics is a must read and serves as the “Ten Commandments” of the food, supplement, and natural medicine industries for decades to come. “Food Forensics: The Health Ranger’s Guide to Foods that Harm and Foods that Heal” discloses how food contamination happens and why it matters, and provides valuable information on how you can protect yourself. If the FDA and the USDA won’t safeguard us from food contamination, the Health Ranger will.



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