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    Originally called “The Facebook,” Facebook.com is just one of the massive social media networking services that was exposed as selling out to NSA for the unconstitutional, illegal and massive electronic surveillance of Americans via PRISM. Facebook joined the domestic spy program in 2009. A for-profit corporation based out of California, Facebook was started in 2004 by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg and his college roommates, who stole the idea from the original founders, a group of three Harvard seniors, Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss, and Divya Narendra, who had just finished building a very similar social network one week earlier, called HarvardConnection.com. Zuckerberg was sued for stealing their idea, which he originally called FaceMash, and settled later for over a million dollars in Facebook shares (now worth $300 million at FB’s IPO). Zuckerberg is now one of the world’s top ten wealthiest people (at $50 billion), joining the rankings (and secret dealings) of other power-hungry, greedy globalists like Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (population reduction planner), Warren Buffet, and the infamous George Soros­–the former Nazi collaborator who now funds domestic terrorist groups. (12) (13)

    Facebook was started illegally by a computer hacker and now has nearly 2 billion users from ages 13 on up

    Zuckerberg started Facebook (FB) by illegally hacking into protected areas of the computer network at Harvard and copying student’s private dorm ID pictures. Zuckerberg was charged by the Harvard administration with breach of security, violating individual privacy rights, and violating copyrights. He also faced expulsion from Harvard. Zuckerberg quickly received investment money from PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

    By May of 2005, Accel Partners invested over $12 million as Zuckerberg launched the high school version of FB and expanded membership to employees of Apple Inc. and Microsoft. By 2006, anyone 13 years young with an email address could join FB and view all the crude, vile posts, as FB had very poor filters and a reputation for sleezy posts. Zuckerberg promoted company pages and group pages to attract new customers.

    By 2007, Microsoft purchased $240 million worth of FB shares, including the rights to place international advertisements on the site. The massive corporate sellout had begun, and little did Americans know they’re privacy rights were already being violated by the US Patriot Act, NSA’s PRISM, and a massive domestic unconstitutional spying program that recorded and catalogued every single post by every single member of FB. Google and Twitter were both doing the same. (1)

    By 2009, Facebook was the most popular social networking site worldwide. In November of 2010, FB was valued over $40 billion, passing eBay as the third largest American web company, behind Amazon and Google. In 2012, FB started selling shares to the public, driving its value over $100 billion. In 2013, FB made the Fortune 500 list.

    2012: Facebook investigated for pump and dump scheme

    In what was later termed “trading glitches,” Zuckerberg essentially got busted running a pump and dump scheme that revealed adjusted earnings estimates for preferred clients. The SEC and FINRA both launched investigations into the scam, where a Facebook financial officer used insider information to cash out on positions while leaving the general public with overpriced shares. The entire fiasco cost FB massive stock losses and the Wall Street Journal wrote negative reviews.

    Most Facebook revenue comes from advertising for corporations that make toxic products

    Facebook has a low click rate on ads compared to most major websites, at well less than one percent of the time. The average is only about 400 clicks for every one million pages. Many young users, mainly the three million teenagers, enable their ad-blocking software or simply ignore advertising messages. Facebook is plush with propaganda for corporations that produce toxic food, toxic pesticides, and chemical medicine, while blocking and “black-holing” information about natural remedies and holistic medicine, across the board.

    Facebook is engaged in heavy censorship of truthful news sources

    Since Facebook and Zuckerberg’s platform back Big Government, the national illegal NSA domestic spying program, and big corporation motives, most grass roots companies, natural medicine news, and news about President Donald J. Trump are now distorted, edited out, or simply blocked and blacklisted by Facebook. Zuckerberg is just another globalist who believes in controlling the peons and bankrolling off their ignorance. A hacker and idea thief from the beginning, Zuckerberg’s morals and ethics leave much to be desired for a business person of such extreme wealth. Hiding behind the guise of philanthropy, Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan claim they are “advancing human potential and promoting equality” while promoting domestic violence, fake “tolerance” platforms, race-baiting, extreme left-wing propaganda and lies about President Trump, and continuing to collect data on the private lives and buying habits of Americans and people world-wide.

    Zuckerberg donates millions to mass vaccination program to sterilize Africans

    December 2010: Along with other population reduction genocidal maniacs Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Zuckerberg donated to a “charity” called “The Giving Pledge.” Mass vaccination programs and GMOs are prime culprits of spreading disease instead of preventing disease and starvation, as the globalists, pharma hacks, and biotech shills all claim. By infiltrating the food and medicine infrastructures of poor and under-developed third world nations, globalists can claim to be philanthropists while injecting young girls with neurotoxins that often incapacitate fertility. Since there is no cure for Ebola, including no found vaccine that can prevent or cure it, the whole vaccination program is a hoax, just as Swine flu, the influenza vaccine, and the Polio vaccine have been. Pushing GMOs in Africa is just another way to poison a population and culture that rich white power hungry population reduction maniacs can engage, while claiming a false “scientific consensus” on safety and benefits that do not exist. (14) (15)

    Billionaire Zuckerberg, who made his money stealing everyone’s information, buys 700 acres in Kauai for $100 million, then sues and threatens local landowners for 8 more acres

    December 2016: Three holding companies run by Zuckerberg filed eight lawsuits in court in December against families who collectively inherited several parcels of land through the Kuleana Act, a Hawaiian law established in 1850 that gave natives land ownership rights. Zuckerberg bought 700 acres of beachfront property on the North Shore of Kauai and tried to silently bully natives off their land while building a border wall six feet high so nobody can see the ocean there anymore or feel the ocean breeze. The sprawling estate fronts on 1,000’s of feet of beachfront property, but that wasn’t enough for the globalist 30-year-old tyrant from Silicon Valley.

    What the spoiled rotten Zuckerberg forgot to do was get a clear title to the land, so after making that huge mistake, he decided to sue everybody who owned parcels inside his new luxurious, privatized Hawaiian kingdom. Zuckerberg’s lawyers, after receiving massive backlash from the landowners, decided they would downplay the eight lawsuits as “common practice” in Hawaii. That didn’t work either. These Hawaii natives are not at all intimidated by the twerp billionaire who doesn’t care at all about people, their privacy, their rights, or their land, and protests are underway at the new rock “wall” of Zuckerberg.

    Quiet title actions blow up in Zuckerberg’s face – he’s forced to recant the whole plan of bullying natives off their land via illegitimate lawsuits

    It’s very common in Hawaii and Kauai for people to own small parcels of land within boundaries of a much larger tract, but many co-owners don’t even know they have those ownership rights until they get sued by a ruthless globalist or biotech company trying to run them all off their property. The lawsuits aren’t the only issue the natives have with Zuckerberg’s selfish motives. The entire community is up in arms about the obtuse rock wall that ruins the community, the environment, and serves only the Facebook mogul’s wants and desires. The wall is actually more than 10 feet above road level, since the land rises slightly there. Residents of the Garden Island are calling the rock wall a “monstrosity.” Zuckerberg couldn’t care less about the cultural and historical significance of the land. He made a huge mistake trampling on the private property rights of the “little people” (Native Hawaiian families that have owned the land since the mid-19th century) and he’s now paying the price, literally and figuratively speaking. The natives are furious and aren’t accepting a petty apology for Zuckerberg’s actions. Zuckerberg went on record to say he’s now dropping the lawsuits, but said nothing about taking down the rock wall. (11)

    Zuckerberg’s goal was to strip the land owners of their property without them even knowing, by filing silent cases where the court auctions off the land

    During the 1800s, many of the parcels in question belonged to Native Hawaiian families (2) that were awarded the land by law in the Kuleana Act and via land reforms that the Kingdom of Hawaii pursued in the 1800s called “the Great Mahele,” but since many of the original owners died without wills in place, hundreds of their descendants aren’t even aware of their shares. Zuckerberg and his team of slick lawyers (3) know this, and tried to slide in “under the radar” and all but steal the land out from under them. That’s the main reason these natives are furious. If they had not found out through the courts about Zuckerberg’s insidious motives, they would have most likely lost their land through auctions, which Zuckerberg surely would have acquired indirectly after the dust settled.

    Don’t dare talk about the dangers of vaccines or biotechnology on Facebook, or they ban, block and censor you

    Post anything that challenges the fake science behind vaccines and GMOs and Facebook will block your future posts for an indefinite period of time and remove your posts entirely from its pages. Facebook pushes the narratives of Big Pharma and Big Food by censoring important science that proves vaccines still contain mercury (namely influenza vaccines) and that genetically modified food contains dangerous pesticides and often noxious herbicides that cause cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, and destroy nutrition and the environment in general.

    Facebook takes a communist approach to censoring important information that challenges the status quo and the top-paying advertisers that support the Facebook platform and mission. Zuckerberg continues to accept investments from other evil globalists like Bill Gates, who wants to reduce the world’s population by several billion using vaccines, as he has admitted at a TED conference on video. (16) (9)


    Any story posted to Facebook that contains phrases such as “vaccine side effects” or “forced vaccination” (the law in California now), or even combining words in a sentence like “autism and vaccines” is almost immediately censored and posts by that person or entity blocked for several days afterwards. These topics threaten the globalist order and the New World Order, that just lost massive power when Hillary Clinton lost the election for POTUS. Zuckerberg just so happens to speak Chinese and gets along with the Communist government there just fine. He has respect for the regime in China that engages in mass human cruelty and oppression.

    Alternative media and social media non-censored options available now

    Natural News Editor Mike Adams has created amazing options to all of this censored social media by creating Diaspora (Share.NaturalNews.com), GAB.ai (gab.ai/NaturalNews), GoodGopher.com and Censored.news. These are all open to the public and free from censoring of real science that questions dangerous food and untested, unsafe Western chemical-based medicine. (4) (5) (6) (8)

    Facebook uses amateur left-wing propagandists to help “filter” fake news (real news about Trump, health and organic food) from their site

    The new 2016/2017 Facebook has pledged to sponsor only fake news and not publish or help promote any real news that has proven science or fact-based nutrition behind it. Facebook will only now publish news that is scripted, filtered and approved by amateur “echo chamber” left-wing media that’s chock full of lies and delusional propaganda that serves their big picture.

    The Washington Post, CNN, Politifact, ABC and Snopes, the five-tiered kingship of fake news outlets, will help control the new fake news only Facebook platform. Using fake “fact-checkers” and prostitutes from Snopes, Facebook will now censor any news posted by the 200 most influential truth media websites that were helpful in ousting Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama, and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) for their lies, deception, propaganda and instigated domestic violence during the recent US Presidential campaign. (17)

    Anything that these totalitarian censors don’t like will be censored, deleted and permanently removed from Facebook and referred to as “fake news.”

    Facebook’s “fact checkers” are left-wing propagandsts who despise factual journalism

    Even though Facebook has always been full of opinions, lies, nude photos, propaganda, fake research, fake polls that said Hillary was winning by double digits, and photo-shopped pictures that are jokes and satire, suddenly everyone is to believe that they are going to censor “fake news” and only publish facts about politics, science, nutrition, and of course, hoaxes like global warming, Zika, and Swine flu. The new “Ministry of Truth” news dictatorship plan will transform Facebook into a petty news “bubble” where extremist left-wing propaganda is declared as real news and independent truth journalism is labeled “fake.”

    Anyone who dares to criticize Planned Parenthood as being the globalist agenda to kill black babies, or Black Lives Matter as a George Soros funded attempt to turn America against themselves and the new President, will be ostracized and banned from Facebook.

    In essence, as the Health Ranger Mike Adams puts it, “Facebook has now announced it’s going to become the North Korea of social media.” Facebook will now slap warning labels on any stories that reveal the truth about Obama’s crooked government dealings, or any news stories that expose the corruption of US regulatory agencies like the CDC, FDA, EPA, AMA or USDA.

    The fall of Facebook and fakestream media, and the rise of alternative, truth media

    Mass media in general, including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and nearly every newspaper that’s beholden to Big Government lost massive readership and ratings when Donald J. Trump began campaigning for President. From calling out the media lies to exposing Obama’s hidden agendas, truth media became the most powerful source of news for tens of millions of Americans that were sick and tired of being lied to, day in and day out.

    Knowing social media is the fastest way to spread information, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg believes that it’s his responsibility, in the name of big government and the globalist freaks that invest in his empire, to censor independent journalism. However, it is this very censorship that is quickly leading to the downfall and demise of mainstream (lamestream) media and is also a major reason the Democrats have been ousted from every corner of power in the US government, including the White House, Congress, and even state and local level seats. (7)

    As the fake news on Facebook spreads and less and less real news is allowed to be posted, Facebook will become more misinformed and delusional, feeding the Russian hacker conspiracy theories while fueling hatred for cultural diversity, differences of opinion, and the beloved Constitution. Thanks to CNN and Facebook, tens of millions of Americans have been brainwashed to believe that President Trump is a racist, bigot, misogynist who isn’t suited to run the country, even though it was Hillary Clinton who was a career criminal, haphazard, bigoted candidate whose dishonest, unethical ways came to light just in time for her to lose the election.

    Facebook joins the Washington Post to promote shills and hacks of the Democratic Party

    The Washington Post, (aka “WashPo“) owned and operated by the insidious Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon.com), publishes the work of over 700 “journalists” who regurgitate the scripted lies of Democratic media “overlords” that fill the American mainstream minds with propaganda, in their attempt to overthrow the new legitimate Republican government that seeks to repair America and make it great again. Along with WashPo, Facebook has committed “credibility suicide” by promoting the fabricated story that accuses over 200 independent news sites of being “fake news,” even though it’s Facebook and WashPo that are the kings of fake news themselves. (10) The real “fake news” of mainstream media has now been thoroughly exposed by Natural News, Drudge, Breitbart and InfoWars, and all Americans who value integrity, the Constitution, clean food, natural medicine, and a holistic way of life know that “liberal” communism spread by Facebook, CNN and the Washington Post is not the American way. (17)



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