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    One of the most influential people in the world, Dr. Mehmet Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon, author and charismatic talk show host, who’s support of alternative, natural medicine has grown leaps and bounds not only on television, but in recent alternative health news that has spread across the world. “Oz” has appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live and of course hosts his own health show “The Dr. Oz Show,” which is so popular that it captivates as many as three million viewers per day. Oz’s parents emigrated from Turkey, where his father earned scholarships that allowed him to come to the US as a medical resident in the mid-to-late 1950s. Dr. Oz’s mother also happens to be the daughter of a pharmacist. Oz attended Harvard and then University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, then Penn’s Wharton School. He’s been a professor at Columbia University’s Department of Surgery for the past fifteen years and he directs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Oz studies minimally invasive cardiac surgery and health care policy.

    Dr. Oz has described his core philosophy of medicine:

    “I want no more barriers between patient and medicine. I would take us all back a thousand years, when our ancestors lived in small villages and there was always a healer in that village.”  

    Dr. Oz believes in preventative medicine, including resveratrol supplements for anti-aging. (4) Even CBS news ran a piece on resveratrol’s power. Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine and has been linked to natural protection against diabetes and obesity and reduces risk for blood clotting as it naturally dilates blood vessels, increasing nitric oxide, and even blocks the stickiness of platelets (so much for dangerous chemical-based prescription blood thinners). Time magazine put Dr. Oz on their “100 Most Influential People” list in 2008 and he was named one of Harvard’s “100 Most Influential Alumni.” Dr. Oz also won the Gross Surgical Research Scholarship and Turkish American of the Year in 1996. Oz’s critics say his advice isn’t scientific enough, but they didn’t cry that cry when he ran an episode on the dangers of glyphosate, a study backed by the World Health Organization and IARC themselves. Monsanto and their propagandist “public scientists” and “journalists” only argue “science!”–when it fits their agenda, which is selling chemical-based foods to the American consumers. (1)

    In 2009, Dr. Oz was awarded for his promotion of homeopathy, and energy therapies, including Reiki. He’s been exploited by scammers of the “weight loss” product sales end, and doctors have tried to bury his reputation with Columbia University because he tells the truth about toxic pesticides in food. Oz supports alternative medicine and says he neither endorses or sells supplements. (3)


    March, 2015: Dr. Oz runs special episode on Roundup herbicide toxicity:

    This was not some independent study run by a doctor with a TV show–the glyphosate toxicity study that Oz shared on his show was done by the IARC – the International Agency for Research on Cancer. They’ve concluded it’s a probable human carcinogen. The agrochemical industry was sent into an uproar, and made a move to defend their lies, that glyphosate is safe for human consumption, at any level (no food limit). Monsanto is the company that first brought glyphosate to market in the 1970s using the infamous trade name Roundup–which is found now in 80% of all crops worldwide. With no regulatory agenda or corporate “paid-for” backing, the IARC simply reported what Americans and similar consumers around the world desperately needed to hear, and that is glyphosate is a known carcinogen that aids and abets cancer cells.


    The World Health Organization (WHO) warns about consuming glyphosate – the main chemical ingredient in Roundup herbicide

    This is why the Dr. Oz show about glyphosate is so pivotal in the mainstream media and for all conventional consumers who want to have their cake and eat it too. This show was like a precedent-setting court case to remember and realize for decades. Why? Instead of a doctor telling millions of Americans to get a prescription, there was their favorite doctor on TV telling them that conventional food is a risk, and a major risk at that. Those organic enthusiasts have been right all along about their “clean food” that’s free from pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides that cause cell mutation and cancer for every third American, half of whom will die from it,–about 750,000 Americans every year. Many of those victims will have been exposed to chemical, toxic pesticides on way or another, on a continual basis for years. (6)

    The IARC reached its decision based on in-depth research synthesized by 17 experts from 11 countries. They gathered in Lyon, France, to assess the carcinogenicity of five organophosphate pesticides and it’s all published in IARC’s assessment available in The Lancet Oncology. (12)

    Register to get full IARC article here at Lancet:



    Dr. Oz episode goes viral in alternative media

    National television–meet alternative media, the allopathic nemesis. One of the world’s favorite TV personalities just aired a segment on a toxic weed killer product that is contained in nearly every product that has soy, corn, canola – and even most conventional produce is loaded. This kind of information about America’s “staple food” comes as a HUGE SHOCK to the typical American consumer, who thinks a salad is a salad, no matter what is sprayed on the plants. Immediately following the show, ten doctors, (5) some of whom have been to prison for fraud, tried to make Dr. Oz resign from his prestigious position at Columbia University. (2) It was too late. Alternative media made sure everyone saw Dr. Oz show some courage and stick his neck out to inform everyone about toxic Roundup. Truth media won a huge victory that day and it won it on National Television.


    The hucksters of the chem-ag industry, including Henry Miller and Gilbert Ross (ACSH director and Medicaid fraud artist), ran away from Oz with their tails hanging between their legs–the industry-funded junk science egomaniacs lost their battle to bring down Oz for his actions that exposed Monsanto on America’s favorite “news” medium–TV.


    “Science-based medicine” has become racketeering, and Dr. Oz is “bucking” that system by being honest and courageous

    Though biotech says every product they manufacture, plant, sell, and distribute is 100% safe and will save the world from hunger, bugs, weeds, and drought, it’s simply not true. Though biotechnology giants like Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow, BASF, Cargill, and Syngenta tell the public and regulatory agencies that they’ve run safety testing and health testing and environment testing for all their insane chemicals, it’s simply not true. Doctor Oz is forthright and has the integrity to step up to the plate and talk about glyphosate in light of an actual scientific study, and still, the chemical-agriculture industry lives in denial, making a fortune off blind consumers who eat poison, get cancer, and head to hospitals for more chemical torture–namely chemotherapy.


    Is Dr. Oz calling all of this out without actually saying it, by pointing his finger right at glyphosate, possibly the number one chemical combination killing more people than any other toxin on planet earth? Roundup is the world’s top selling herbicide and glyphosate makes up about 50% of that product, so do the math.


    Health enthusiasts are proud of Dr. Oz for doing a special episode on this lethal and massively-popular product found everywhere, including Lowe’s and Home Depot. “Science-based Medicine(8) in America wants NO PART of science-based proof when it comes to selling Americans toxic herbicide or toxic insecticide, and they want no part of TV shows that expose Americans eating it every meal of every day, and not knowing the difference between conventional food and organic or non-GMO.


    Certain “paid-for” scientists and journalists are involved in racketeering, except there are no more prosecutions in America for this crime, as corporations run the government, the regulatory agencies, and even some courtrooms. The people referred to as the “biotech mafia” pose as even public scientists and have infiltrated the mass media, spreading disinformation and propaganda that is CREATED BY the chemical agriculture corporations that want control of 100% of America’s crop seeds, so they can genetically modify them to contain toxic, carcinogenic, transgenic and pathogenic pesticides.


    There are disinformation operatives like Henry Miller, and there are character assassins, like Jon Entine. They pose for non-profit groups, or Forbes.com fake news media outlets, or they write for the fraudulent Wikipedia or even AMA medical journals that also spread propaganda and sell quack medicine (allopathic) for people who consume pesticides daily. These are the characters who went after Dr. Oz, the surgeon and talk show host, who dared to air the truth about glyphosate. Their tactics include spreading wildly false information about anti-GMO activists, and even publishing the home addresses of targeted individuals who they hope will be killed.


    These propagandists are the Monsanto “Mafia.” (10) (11)
    Industry-funded shills and hack-MDs who attacked Dr. Oz


    All of the following character assassins have financial ties to the very industries threatened by anyone who tells the truth about toxic herbicides or self-healing with nutritional therapies, the way Dr. Oz does.

    Henry I. Miller, M.D.

    Gilbert Ross, M.D.

    Samuel Schneider, M.D.

    Glenn Swogger Jr. M.D.

    Joel E. Tepper, M.D.

    Scott W. Atlas, M.D.

    Jack Fisher, M.D.

    Shelley Fleet, M.D.

    Gordon N. Gill, M.D.

    Michael H. Mellon, M.D.


    Biotech Corporations and Big Food shills back fraudulent ACSH ­– American Council for Science & Health

    “ACSH is backed by powerful “cartel” style corporations. Some corporations in America are run like the mafia, and if you cross them, they come after your reputation, your money, your business, your life.” …

    From Dr. Henry Miller to Jon Entine, and from Dr. Gilbert Ross, to the “Food Czar” Michael Taylor, the list of industry hacks and cons is long, but very important to the mission of ACHS, which is to instill common sense and faith in processed food and genetically modified organisms in food. Though ACSH is a non-profit organization, insider reports tell a different story, where ASCH publish booklets and propaganda promoting health-damaging processed sugar (like Hershey Company products) and chemical pesticides for lawn care while trading such work contingent on donations made to ACSH. There is a laundry list of corporate “donors” that help ACSH publicize their auspicious agenda of promoting chemical agriculture to help feed the world.


    Financial documents published by Mother Jones show ACSH relies heavily on funding from corporations that shape the GMO conversations that surround unanswered questions and legitimate concerns. True science-based research does not rely on industry-funded studies because they are often biased, corrupted and influenced by money rather than honest results. (13)


    Dr. Oz supports organic food as the smartest option


    At one point in his career (late in 2012), Dr. Oz questioned organic lifestyle, suggesting maybe it was for the elite, but as time has proven and qualified research has shown us, conventional crops are threatening general public health, and now Oz has stepped up and made it known. Dr. Oz once said there wasn’t much difference between the produce at the farmers market and the products in the freezer section and canned food aisles at grocery stores, but knowing the truth about the dangers of consuming pesticides, Oz now speaks clearly against it. Nothing loaded with pesticides could ever be “nutritionally sound.”


    The “1%” may be more like the “15 – 20%” that eat mainly or even strictly organic and locally grown and self-grown pesticide-free food. It’s worth any extra money one spends, and sometimes it’s cheaper than corporate food, which is often tainted with heavy metal toxins too.


    Dr. Oz tried to have someone from Monsanto on his show, or from Grocery Manufacturers Association, or from Crop Life America, in case they wanted to defend their products and suspected carcinogenic ingredients, but nobody took him up on the offer, knowing that the WHO’s IARC study would be too much concrete proof that glyphosate causes cancer and would further expose their myths and lies they’ve purported for decades. Glyphosate clearly poses a risk to all humans, wildlife and the environment, as discussed on the show. (9)


    Still, the EPA, since they are paid off by the biotechnology corporations that manufacture dangerous pesticides, have raised the level of glyphosate’s “safety limit” in drinking water to accommodate the INCREASE in its use, since superweeds have become immune to the toxic cocktail and are taking over the crops in most soy and corn fields across the country.


    Dr. Oz is quoted speaking about the dangers of consuming conventional foods that contain glyphosate:


    “This is a big debate everyone. Folks who make these products say ‘we need more data before you can make that statement (glyphosate is a possible carcinogen).’ I think it’s the opposite. Not enough research doesn’t mean it’s safe, it means we actually don’t know! And it’s upon us; it’s our obligation to figure it out before we start releasing it and exposing kids and others.”


    This is exactly why consumers around the world need GMO products labeled as such. In fact, ten employees at Syngenta (huge biotech firm) in Kauai were hospitalized after they WALKED ONTO A CORN FIELD one day after the application of another toxic chemical agricultural pesticide chlorpyrifos; however, Syngenta doesn’t have any plans to discontinue its use. (7)


    Dr. Oz is right about one thing for sure–organic food is a consumer’s safest option.



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