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    Julie L. Gerberding, M.D., and infectious disease “expert,” resigned in shame from her post under the Obama regime as director of the CDC in 2009 to return to Merck’s vaccine division, pushing mercury in vaccines for mass profit. She auspiciously then sold nearly 40,000 shares of her Merck stock on the open market in a huge “toxic” dump that made her over $2 million. That (insider trading) sale catapulted here into the position of president of Merck’s vaccine division. Then, in March of 2014, the CDC released new data showing one in every 68 children on US soil has autism. Top CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, (14) who is STILL at his post, confessed that Gerberding knew about the MMR-vaccine-autism connection since 2002, and that she herself helped cover it all up. This is all proven in email correspondence between the two of them. Plus, before Gerberding ran the CDC (13) and the infectious disease division, autism only existed for 1 in 250 children! How many children are suffering from autism right now thanks to Julie L. Gerberding? (1) How many teens and adults are afflicted right now, thanks to Gerberding? There is no way to know, but one fact remains, and that thousands of children are suffering from autism due to the MMR vaccine (and probably other immunizations and flu shots), but Gerberding is rich and there are no checks and balances for vaccine violence, insider trading, or conspiracy to murder with chemical medicine, and nobody ever goes to jail for it. Well, that is, except for the insidious cancer huckster and criminal oncologist who gave deadly chemotherapy to healthy patients, and who is in jail now serving a 45-year term – Dr. Farid Fata. (12)


    Next News Network: CDC whistle-blower Dr.Thompson via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsPHFE0Amkk


    Monumental and precedent-setting excerpts from the book “Science for Sale” by David L. Louis, PhD:

    “This book reveals in graphic detail how government control over the scientific enterprise, which President Dwight D. Eisenhower predicted would eventually pose a grave threat to America’s future, has finally come to pass. It also builds upon the prolific work of authors Daniel Greenberg, Sheldon Krimsky, David Michaels, and others.


    The American silver plug penny minted in the 1790s proclaims liberty as the parent of science and industry. The founding fathers were convinced that freedom from corruption was vital both to a healthy economy and to scientific progress. Few people today would disagree, and recent, highly publicized events surrounding the collapse of the housing market, corporate fraud, and the dire need for campaign finance reform have made the public well aware of the alarming influence that corrupt special interests have gained over the political process in the last several decades. While their insidious effects on the economy are well documented, most people have only had a glimpse of their impact on science.”


    “In this book, readers learned the fascinating and frightening story of the lengths to which government will go to protect its policies, even when they endanger human health, agriculture, and the environment. The unethical and illegal methods that EPA used to silence one of its own who refused to accept such a policy were described and documented in great detail.

    Government control of Western chemical medicine obvious and illegal

    The government’s methods included deception, fraud, data manipulation, corruption of the peer review process, false accusations, and false and misleading information posted on government web pages and then disseminated to the media, as huge amounts of public funds were spent in an attempt to prevent Lewis from uncovering the body of deceptive scientific literature it created to support its policy.”



    Dial it back to 2001: Gerberding was Acting Deputy Director of NCID–where she pretended to play a major role in leading CDC’s staged response to the anthrax bioterrorism events

    Julie had joined the CDC in 1998 as the Director of the Division of Healthcare “Quality” Promotion (aka NCIDNational Center for Infectious Diseases), where she randomly named programs that allegedly prevented infections and antimicrobial resistance. She was more-or-less a troubleshooter for medical errors in healthcare settings. With backgrounds in chemistry and biology, she was the CDC’s personal shill for clinical pharmacology and infectious diseases, where arrogance and egoism run rampant, within the ranks. Basically, her job was to routinely OVER HYPE disease outbreaks and make up false death statistics in order to sell more pharmaceuticals and vaccines. This is racketeering also, in the same sense that Dr. Farid Fata diagnosed his patients who were perfectly healthy as having terminal cancer so he could dish out his expensive chemotherapy and bill Medicare. This is also similar to the SWINE FLU scares and propaganda that pushed out EBOLA virus hysterical media frenzy. It’s the same racketeering going on now with the MMR vaccine and autism, where the manufacturers of the vaccine also make medicine to treat disorders caused by those very vaccines. Gerberding was deep in the mire with other criminals actually CONSPIRING to cover up the connection between vaccines and deadly diseases spread by those injected and “immunized.”

    In fact, as recently published on Natural News:

    “The Associated Press (AP) explains in a recent report how the CDC uses these and other wildly inaccurate calculations to push its own agenda, which usually involves scaring governments into buying more emergency medications and vaccines to prevent what is commonly hyped as the potential for widespread disease and death.”

    CDC creates phony death statistics which are then used to bolster mass vaccination campaigns, including flu shots

    “This is an area again where the CDC is free to produce numbers and nobody can really say they’re right or wrong …”

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, which has been comprehensively exposed as a vaccine propaganda organization promoting the interests of drug companies, (7) is now engaged in a household surveillance program that involves calling U.S. households and intimidating parents into producing child immunization records. As part of what it deems a National Immunization Survey (NIS), the CDC is sending letters to U.S. households, alerting them that they will be called by “NORC at the University of Chicago”* and that households should “have your child’s immunization records handy when answering our questions.” The CDC, you may recall, was instrumental in pushing the false swine flu pandemic scare and encouraging governments to order billions of dollars worth of vaccines from drug companies.


    How the CDC and Merck work together as racketeers to sell innocent Americans billions of dollars worth of toxic vaccines

    Following this marketing fraud, the former head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, went on to accept the lucrative job as the president of Merck’s global vaccine division. One of the CDC’s top researchers who worked under Gerberding, Dr. Poul Thorsen, was later indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly stealing grant money and using it to buy luxury cars and motorcycles. Now the CDC is bullying parents across the USA to comply with child immunization surveillance programs by calling their home phones and asking them to produce child immunization records. “Your phone number was chosen randomly by computer,” –the CDC will use your information to generate a map of vaccine compliance — no doubt to later target low-compliance areas with increased vaccination propaganda or even court-ordered immunization mandates like the ones witnessed in Maryland and California. “It is important for us to interview every household we call to get a complete picture of your area’s immunization rates,” the CDC explains. “Your answers to the NIS will provide information to help improve the nation’s health now and in the years ahead,” it continues.

    Medical interrogations by NORC via telephone also illegal

    Once your private home phone is called as part of this vaccine surveillance and tracking program, you will be essentially interrogated over the phone about your vaccine immunization compliance. Respondents are asked a series of questions about the vaccinations received by selected children, including the deadly and highly experimental flu jab. After that NORC* requests permission to acquire your child’s immunization records from your doctor: According to NORC:

    “Respondents are also asked for permission to contact the children’s health providers for the sole purpose of obtaining immunization records, providing an important supplement to the household report,” (15)

    This is how they cross-check to see if you are lying about the vaccine schedule and the toxic flu shots. This is population control and genocide as they target low-income children. Data is then compiled to monitor during potential or staged disease outbreaks and resources (test vials of combined flu strains) are then “allocated” to “communities” at the local and state public health agencies and toxic medicine “outlets.” That’s where the VFC (Vaccines for Children) stops in to “ensure that all children in the US” have “access” to vaccinations “regardless of financial status.” (3)


    In other words, the CDC works on behalf of the drug companies under one big pharmaceutical collusion regime that utterly fails to educate the public that vitamin D is 1,000 times better for immunity than any jab full of mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde could ever offer a human being.


    2011: Poul Thorsen, top researcher working under Dr. Julie Gerberding, indicted by grand jury for stealing grant money

    A Danish psychiatrist named Poul Thorsen, a top researcher for nefarious Julie Gerberding of the CDC, who heavily entrenched in pro-vaccine propaganda with the CDC, fled America with over $2 million in embezzled (phony) grants that he himself created using taxpayer dollars as he scammed well-known US universities and the CDC. (16)

    As first reported in April of 2011, Dr. Poul Thorsen was indicted by a federal grand jury in Atlanta on charges of wire fraud, money laundering and defrauding research institutions of grant money.

    Today, Poul Thorsen is a wanted man, but nobody is “going after him” in his home town in Denmark (where he resides peacefully), because Thorsen is the “author” of the FAKE SCIENCE Danish Autism Study (complete myth) that attempted to prove vaccines and autism have no correlation; scientifically referred to as the “Denmark Study.”

    After using fraudulent data to distort the truth about the human health dangers of being injected with mercury in vaccines, and more specifically the MMR vaccine combination, Thorsen, the lead investigator of the fraudulent study was catapulted by the CDC as a genius who had discovered something monumental, but it was all a big cover up so the CDC wouldn’t have to admit their own research, which found out about the autism/mercury link back in 2004. (6)

    This link to autism was already FULLY exposed recently, and with it carries monumental controversy, ever since the lead CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson blew the whistle on MMR toxicity and autism, most especially at HIGH RATES for African American boys when given the mercury-laced toxic inoculation under age three.


    Dial it back again, to 1998: Gerberding joined CDC as director of (NCID), where she supposedly developed disease “prevention” programs

    NCID (Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion for the National Center for Infectious Diseases) employed an “acting deputy director” to lead the CDC’s “response” to the anthrax bioterrorism events of 2001, and soon after her arrival at the CDC, the nefarious Gerberding announced the entire “reorganization” of their structure to “confront the challenges of 21st-century health threats.” This meant co-authoring over 100 peer-reviewed publications and even textbook chapters for future healthcare personnel, but the future of US healthcare held different cards, as Gerberding would soon be the culprit of burying vital research that revealed the link between autism and vaccines, namely the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella combo jab).

    Next News Network: CDC whistle-blower Dr.Thompson via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsPHFE0Amkk (9)


    October 18, 2002: Thompson sends confession letter #1 to Melinda Wharton, Coleen Boyle and others, where William Thompson announces he has his own lawyer and implies major CDC cover-up of a D.O.J. investigation:
    View the full confession letter #1 (dated 10/18/2202) here: (2)


    Here is the first paragraph transcribed:

    “I am writing you once more regarding the recent Department of Justice (DOJ) request for a broad range of documents associated with MMR, Thimerosal, and Autism. I first spoke with you on September 3rd of 2002 regarding the sensitive results we have been struggling with in the MADDSP MMR/Autism Study. I have also tried to bring your attention to some potentially sensitive legal issues surrounding what documents we shoud provide for this study. We have subsequently been told by both Beverly Dozier and Kevin Malone that we should apply a very broad definition to the documents that we provide to the DOJ.” (4)


    2002 – 2004: Gerberding helps cover up the biggest medical scandal in history, at the CDC, but only for a decade


    Mainstream media censored the biggest medical whistle-blower story ever, but the secret letters to Gerberding from Dr. William Thompson (8) made it to alternative news story desks and from there, the explosive story hit the internet and now is a big feature documentary film called “Vaxxed.” (20) William W. Thompson will go down in history as one of the bravest men to stand up for the health rights of parents and children alike, especially African American ones, who are most affected by the toxic MMR vaccine. Young boys under three years of age, Thompson attests, are much more likely to get autism from the MMR vaccine and he tried hard to alert the people above him, but they wouldn’t listen, and instead went out of their way to cover up the truth, all while millions more boys and girls get autism from the deadly, neurotoxic multi-jab. (10)


    February 2nd, 2004: Dr. Thompson sends the first letter to Gerberding one week prior to her meeting at Institute of Medicine (IOM) regarding VACCINE SAFETY

    In this letter, William Thompson says he will be “presenting the summary of our results from the Metropolitan Atlanta Autism Case-Control Study,” and he laments that the data will show MMR vaccines cause an increased risk of autism in youth African-American babies. He explains “I will have to present several problematic results relating to statistical associations between the receipt of MMR vaccine and autism.” Dr. Thompson implores Dr. Gerberding to respond to questions that had been raised by “Representative David Weldon” regarding the integrity of CDC scientists working in the immunization program.


    Thompson explains that the CDC has been covering up the truth about the safety problems: I’ve repeatedly told individuals in the [National Immunization Program Office of Directors] over the last several years that they’re doing a very poor job representing immunization safety issues and that we’re losing the public relations war. The CDC, in response to Dr. Thompson’s letter, retroactively alters data from the autism study by eliminating most subjects from the study, the African Americans who did not have a birth certificate. Anything would do to remove the link they did NOT want the American public to witness.


    Next News Network: Coverage of key CDC whistle-blower Dr.Thompson via YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsPHFE0Amkk


    Thompson goes public with statement and blatant admission of FRAUD AT THE CDC, via his attorney’s website:

    My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed. Thompson may have backpedaled if it were not for Natural News publishing his secret emails to Gerberding

    Read Thompson’s full confession letter #2 (dated 2/2/04) here:




    2005: Just in case the MMR scandal arises (which it does 9 years later), Time magazine names Gerberding one of the “Top 100 Innovators of the Year” – an award for facing emerging infectious diseases and bio-terrorism

    As a front-cover and precursor for an emerging massive scandal covering up the autism-MMR vaccine connection, Time magazine awarded Dr. Gerberding an innovation award for “modernizing” the $9 billion CDC agency, and a couple years later Forbes magazine (another vaccine/pharma shill-media production and fake news outlet) listed her 32nd among the world’s 100 most powerful women (for 2007). Top that off with a Surgeon General’s medallion for public health “achievements.” (11)


    Pay it all forward ten to twelve years – to 2014, 2015, and 2016


    During the summer of 2014, a senior epidemiologist at the CDC, Dr. William Thompson, was granted whistleblower immunity, (5) as he revealed data that was concealed by the CDC from ten years prior that linked the MMR vaccine to autism among African American boys who received the multi-jab before age three. Dr. Thompson, one of the ORIGINAL AUTHORS of the study, expressed major concerns to the then-CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding about the CONCEALED DATA that revealed the obvious link. Gerberding is now an executive vice president at Merck, the very same pharma giant that has the monopoly on MMR and is the SOLE MANUFACTURER of the measles vaccine.


    With the help of Dr. Brian Hooker and Congressman Bill Posey, all the research was revealed after 10 years of cover-up, that all started with Julie Gerberding. Had Gerberding addressed Thompson’s concerns early on, thousands of US children may not be maimed with autism right now. In fact, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out millions in damages to thousands of children with permanent neurological impairment and autism AS A RESULT OF VACCINES, including the measles MMR vaccine.


    Still, the mainstream media (TV and newspapers) only covered the measles outbreak story in order to promote the MMR for money, as their pharma advertisers would have it scripted out for them. The media won’t even cover the charges of fraud and the federal lawsuit against Merck regarding measles and mumps vaccine fraud cases, as filed in 2010 by two former Merck virologists, who also became whistleblowers like Thompson. Currently, there is NO measles epidemic in America, only an AUTISM EPIDEMIC.


    Mercury and Aluminum Toxicity in Vaccines Well-Known for Years by CDC Officials


    Most physicians in America think that mercury was removed from most or all vaccines, and that is simply NOT true. The mercury in the MMR vaccine and flu shots it’s hundreds of times higher than EPA safety levels. Mercury is listed on at least 7 different vaccines as thimerosal, which is about 50% mercury. By 2004, when mercury was removed from certain vaccines (called preservative-free), the CDC went on record RECOMMENDING every pregnant woman receive flu shots during their second trimester, knowing they would be receiving mercury (about 50 mcg for adults) and heightening the chances greatly of their future child developing autism. (17) (18)


    Then, they recommended every child receive annual flu vaccines containing mercury (about 25 mcg), beginning at just six months of age. This is all happening on the clock while Gerberding is running the show, knowing what she knew from Thompson’s plea to review the data and results from the MMR study. Gerberding should have been tried for conspiracy, negligence and involuntary manslaughter then, but nothing ever came of her lies and cover-up. At least, not yet. (19)


    Currently in the United States, there is STILL mercury in vaccines given to infants and pregnant women, and now, infants get doses of mercury much earlier in their stage of neurological development, when their body weight is much lower, thus making the dose per pound much higher, and the likelihood of complications higher also. Julie Gerberding needs to be tried for negligence and her crimes to humanity. Only time will tell.



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