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    On July 10th, 2015, Detroit area oncologist Farid Fata, M.D., was sentenced to only 45 years in prison for administering chemotherapy on healthy patients, some of whom died, and for defrauding Medicare and private insurance companies to the tune of $34 million in filed claims. (1) Fata plead guilty (less than a year ago) to thirteen counts of health care fraud, two counts of money laundering, and one count of conspiracy* involving kickbacks. A U.S. District Judge in Michigan imposed the sentence while ordering the criminal doctor to forfeit more than $17 million he embezzled in one of the biggest and most insidious health care schemes ever recorded.


    Farid “the Fraudster” Fata used false cancer diagnoses, over a period of nine years, to administer and inject dangerous treatments as his tool for stealing millions of dollars from Medicare, even during the last days of some of his patient’s lives. Having essentially killed innocent people, Fata will most likely die himself in prison, either of old age, or at the hands of some other murderer in the penitentiary who finds out what Fata has done. Law enforcement and prosecutors combined efforts with victim’s family members, other doctors, and victims themselves (whistleblowers) who had the courage to testify–to make sure justice was delivered and Fata can NEVER poison anyone again with his mass medical fraud. (2)


    Farid Fata owned and operated the cancer treatment clinic “Michigan Hematology Oncology P.C. (MHO), which had multiple locations, along with a diagnostic testing facility in Rochester Hills. While pleading guilty, Fata admitted he prescribed and administered not only unnecessary chemo, as if that is not bad enough, but aggressive intravenous treatments, in order to increase his billings and fraudulent claims to Medicare and insurance companies. (8) He said he solicited kickbacks from health care and hospice centers (called “Guardian”) in exchange for the referral of his patients to those facilities. Then, Fata admitted to using the proceeds of that very health care fraud to administer more unnecessary and expensive PET scans (positron emission tomography) that he further billed private insurers to pay. Testimony from victims further verifies all of this, as available by court published testimony documentation and quotes here. (3)

    Fata was investigated by the FBI and his case was brought as part of Medicare Fraud Strike Force and the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Michigan. Fata’s wife helped run the business side of his fake cancer clinic. She moved back to Lebanon after he was arrested and then divorced him. (12)


    A diabolical medical racket busted: False cancer diagnosis combined with unnecessary deadly chemotherapy for millions in profit

    How many other US doctors are just like Fata and are “getting away with murder”–convincing and even coercing healthy people into taking toxic chemotherapy that can kill or maim for life? Just because oncologists may not be ripping off Medicare doesn’t mean they are not still administering chemotherapy and running unnecessary CAT scans on healthy people or on patients who have cancer but are not threatened by it and do not need expensive care or diagnostics run at all. Fata wasn’t even a naturalized U.S. citizen until April of 2009. He had previously obtained his medical degree in Lebanon in 1992 and was a fellow in hematology-oncology from 1996-99 at the infamous Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (aka “SKI”) – another scam hospital that “treats” people with invasive and aggressive chemo and radiation, unto their dying days there. (4) SKI is known to promote eugenics for population control, and curing cancer certainly fits nowhere in that business model. (5)

    Supposedly, Fata specialized in treating blood cancer and he used the results from his own radiation lab and treatment facility–which at one busy time–came from 17,000 patients. His aggressive approach to dosing up chemo much higher than most chemo quacks was justified by a phony protocol he invented called “European protocol,” which prosecutors later said never existed. Later, his patients testified for court that he was all over the place, giving random high doses with no explanations whatsoever when questioned, just repeating the hoax “European protocol.” His first fraud case was settled out of court, which began in 2004 and ended in 2007. He dosed a woman named Maggie Dorsey so much she couldn’t walk, and she never even had cancer. State authorities knew but procrastinated any action until 2011, saying there was no evidence to support an investigation. (9)

    Then, in 2013, Fata went way too far over the edge and diagnosed a woman named Monica Flagg with multiple myeloma and would give her chemo for life in order to have “any chance” to survive. Flagg did not have cancer at all. After her first round of chemo, she broke her foot, got a second opinion about the cancer, and the new doctor checked her out–no cancer. That opened Pandora’s box, and the investigation of the insidious criminal MD Farid Fata was now underway. (7)


    Creating immune deficiencies and making them worse over time – Fata’s evil method of operation

    Fata often used IVIG, a powerful chemo drug for specific immune deficiencies, and he had no medical basis for its use, as the patients who were on it did not even qualify for it, according to records examined by Fata’s suspecting staff. Fata was arrested for fraud soon after, and due to hidden assets, his bond was set at $9 million. Meanwhile, Federal investigators turned up records on more than 550 people getting chemo who did NOT need it. Fata had even concealed his fraud from immigration authorities when he had applied for citizenship. Why the judge didn’t give Fata the maximum 175 years in prison for his crimes is still astonishing. The prosecutor’s office contended that Fata’s crimes are worse than Bernard “Bernie” Madoff’s, referring to Fata as the most “egregious fraudster in the history of this country.” According to Fata’s web page and flyers he created he was “world reknowned” and one of the best hematologists in the country. It was all a big lie.

    Fata completely fabricated a study he claimed was done at Bon Secours/Cottage Health Services in 2006, and this he used to justify administering treatments that caused his patients chronic pain and anxiety, up until the day they died, still lying to patients and telling them they had a 70 percent chance of remission. He would literally lie to the victims and say he was giving them “hope,” according to the sentencing memo. He even forged a medical paper after his arrest to try to show how his aggressive, long-term treatments were warranted. He also denied patients access to their full medical files so they couldn’t get a valuable second opinion. On top of that, any other physicians who saw his patients were asked for full disclosure of what they found and to stay in “constant contact” with Fata, even though Fata himself was hiding his own records of patients and his “treatment plans” for them from the other doctors. (15)

    At the hearings, which lasted a entire week, Fata’s victims described the horrors of side effects from his “blood cancer” treatments, including loss of teeth, hair, spikes in blood pressure, and bladder and bowel problems so severe they couldn’t lead normal lives. Fata, in court, confessed to his self-destructive quest for wealth. Though Fata claimed to be ashamed of his actions, he has no empathy for people and regarded humans at his cancer-causing facility as simply profit centers, who he tortured until their last breaths. Fata is serving his sentence now at a Federal Correctional Institution in South Carolina, with his earliest possible release in 2052, when he will be 87 years old, if he’s still alive.


    Fata purposely UNDER-TREATED patients who really had cancer

    One of Fata’s victims testified that he “knowingly and purposely treated me for the wrong cancer and gave me the wrong chemotherapy,” as he (Mr. Crabtree) said his tumors increased in number and in size after Fata’s false diagnoses and maltreatment. Not only did Fata over-treat patients with unnecessary dangerous and toxic drugs, but he purposely under-treated people who actually did have cancer. Fata pumped toxic drugs into people who were terminally ill and wouldn’t even let them die in peace. Yet, for pumping poisonous chemotherapy into people who don’t have cancer, and even killing some of them, in America, you only have to serve a few dozen years in a light security prison.


    Over 550 patients and 9,000 unnecessary chemo infusions and injections

    That’s the message Big Pharma and the Cancer Industrial Complex of the U.S. sends down the line, even after the criminal plead guilty. This case is not much of a deterrent to other doctors committing fraud of this manner or magnitude, still, it’s the longest sentence for health care fraud in American legal history, that involved over 550 patients and 9,000 unnecessary chemo infusions and injections.


    Fata bullied patients and their families into accepting brutal treatments because they believed the cancers were “too far advanced” for anything else to help. Other doctors were telling these victims to leave Fata and go home to die in peace, but Fata wouldn’t let them go. It was a huge health “ponzi scheme” that people paid into with their lives and health, not just their money. (15)


    Karmonos Cancer Center in Michigan–the epicenter of the fake cancer treatment industry for Dr. Fata was at Crittenton clinic–that he presided over

    The nefarious Fata oversaw THOUSANDS of chemo and radiation recommendations at his epicenter of fraud ­– Crittenton Hospital. In fact, Fata served more than 15,000 patients in seven different cities over a nine year span, dating back to 2005. Just how many patients who only needed to be observed did Fata inject and/or infuse with carcinogenic chemo and prescribe dangerous new drugs?


    Federal prosecutors count 9,000 offenses. It all totaled $35 million in insurance billings that piled sky high thanks to Fata’s chemo “maintenance” program using his INFUSION CHAIR for people who did not even have cancer at all. (3) Most oncologists in America spend somewhere between $1.5 and $2 million a year on drugs for a staff of three doctors. How much did the nefarious Fata spend purchasing drugs to supply his empire made up with his own in-house pharmacy, diagnostics and private radiation treatment center? Grand total: $45 million, according to a 2015 report on oncology trends. That’s a system Big Pharma enjoys doing business with and what is termed “too big to jail.”


    Unlicensed doctors in Fata’s circle of death also pushed for long term treatments

    He scheduled 50 or more patients PER DAY and handed them off to unlicensed doctors and then he would step into the room at the end of each visit for five minutes and sling his recommendation of the “European” or “French” protocol (fake) formula for radiation and chemo that might save them. These treatments were administered by the radiation equipment Fata OWNED – and his rate of recommendation for its use was extremely high. Fata usually pushed for LONG TERM treatments in order to use up his drug supply faster. That’s where the kickbacks and merciless profiteering came into play–patient consumption of expensive, experimental drugs that worsen cancer and even create new cancers–no matter the patient’s age, health, financial state, gender, race, socioeconomic status.


    Top it off with the fact that Fata was abusing the terminally ill cancer patients by pumping them full of more poison while raking in the big bucks, even during their last dying days, when hope was lost, but Fata continued to recommend his treatment as the “only hope.”


    Crittenton Hospital Cancer Center was like the Holocaust’s Auschwitz, but more of a slow “gas chamber” for the innocent and healthy

    How did Fata fool so many people? Propaganda. The entrance to his main care facility was glorified with a huge glamorous lobby (waiting area), where Fata was seemingly revered by those under him who welcomed the innocent and bragged about Fata as being top notch and one of the best cancer care specialists in the country. Fata was found guilty of prescribing extra doses of his immunosuppressive drug Rituximab for as long as THREE YEARS. How many people survived this? Shouldn’t Fata be guilty of mass murder, instead of just conspiracy and health care fraud? Common sense, hindsight and US law says yes. Even so, the scientists who assisted Hitler in mass genocide knew exactly what was going on, and they only served 4 to 7 years in prison for their crimes, and then were hired to work for US pharmaceutical and chemical-agriculture companies, some of whom became chairman of board for huge, powerful corporations.


    Investigation expands in Detroit area to OTHER DOCTORS who may be guilty to Farid Fata’s same federal charges

    Dr. Farid Fata had a plethora of offices spread across suburban Detroit and treated a very large number of patients, most of whom were referred to other health care professionals for all kinds of cancer diagnostics, lab work and radiation. Whether or not these other health professionals knew that Fata was in it just for the money may never be known, but many have been pulled into litigation filed by the patients and their families who knew Fata was guilty the whole time. There are several people under Fata also, who had their hands in the cancer “care” scheme – not just Fata. When you’re guilty of conspiracy, you didn’t act alone, in other words. In fact, eight physicians were named as part of the investigation of those in the know about Fata raking in money for false diagnoses, for over treatment, and for unwarranted chemotherapy and radiation. (13)


    Cases filed in Oakland County Circuit Court name three hospitals:

    Crittendon, Karmanos, and McLaren

    And the list grows on. Lawsuits filed for medical malpractice resulting in death (or other significant injuries) implicate a whole Detroit area medical industrial complex of suspected “cancer centers” that may also be specializing in misdiagnosis and over treatment. Just as Hitler wasn’t the only one “in the know” of how many people were dying at the hands of his regime, Dr. Farid Fata is not the only one, though he is the ring leader, that understands innocent people are being cooked with chemicals from the inside out, until their dying day, all for control, power, and of course money.


    Just as many of the Nazi scientists and doctors under Hitler’s wing walked away from WWII without being convicted (although many were convicted at Nuremberg Trials), many of the doctors who CONSPIRED with Dr. Fata will be either caught and released quickly or catch a slap on the wrist and walk away, continuing to practice medicine and abuse the trust of their patients, without a dent to their reputation. Buyer beware. (15)


    However, thanks to courts of law in America and alternative media, precedent cases such as Fata’s GO DOWN IN HISTORY, and Fata’s story and mug shot should remind all Americans fighting cancer that the cancer industrial complex is REAL and is quite destructive.


    The Fata–Gorski* Connection: Cohorts in Cancer Crimes

    Dr. David Gorski, aka “ORAC,” has financial ties to Big Pharma that run deep, as does his connection to the nefarious and now infamous criminal Farid Fata. Before he plead guilty to fraud, Fata presided over MICHIGAN’S LARGEST PRIVATE CANCER PRACTICE – the Barbara Ann Karmonos Center–where Gorski works right now. On the website for Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, anyone can find the page (under physicians and details) dedicated to one Dr. David Gorski – who prides himself on his own blog as being a character based on an old British sci-fi (science fiction) television show and named after a computer light-box who speaks on pseudo-scientific religion, yet somehow he’s on the breast cancer multidisciplinary team at a major cancer institute that brags about their surgery successes. Fata’s licenses have been revoked of course, but could doctor “ORAC” Gorski simply take over where Fata left off? How many Americans know about Fata? How much has changed since the conviction that’s nearly one year young? After all, Fata was working in his fictional world where nearly all of his patients have deadly cancer and need experimental and costly, deadly drugs until they die. (14)


    Sanofi-Aventis, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, is involved in several partnerships under which the company may be required to pay a total of $39 million from 2008 to 2013. Gorski’s employer, Wayne State University, is one of the partners, and he is conducting a clinical trial of one of the company’s drugs. Therefore, Gorski has a reasonable expectation to receive money from a vaccine maker, even if it is through a third party. A look at the summary description of the Gorski Lab reveals that his research focus is drug discovery and development. (11)


    Gorski is a VACCINE INDUSTRY FRONT MAN who attempts to obscure the vaccine-autism connection, while promoting deadly mercury injections as safe

    Gorski has been accused (Published May of 2012 by the “Refusers”) of fraudulently impersonating disease-injured families and making insane comments on message boards and vaccine freedom websites like Age of Autism, Mothering Magazine and even on Amazon forums. This is called pro-vaccine trolling on the internet, and Gorski is one of the best at spreading propaganda and scaring families away from challenging vaccines as the dangerous, untested and unsafe chemical medicine concoctions they are. Gorski “trolls” the internet blasting people’s conversations with insane rants.


    Self-nick-named ORAC leads the pack in his efforts to obscure the vaccine-autism connection, but a new film that was banned by Tribeca Film Festival is now gaining the major spotlight for exposing the connection that is REAL, as confessed to by one of the top CDC scientists, Dr. William Thompson (full coverage here). (16)


    The chemotherapy pusher Fata and the vaccine pusher Gorski – there IS a connection – medical violence using chemicals

    Gorski “the blogger” goes far out-of-bounds with his pseudo-scientific religion and the rants that further damage the conversations, concerns and legitimate investigations going on to further prove that the chemicals and toxic adjuvants in vaccines are causing diseases and disorders rather than preventing them. Just as the conversations between patients of Fata and their other doctors began to expose just how insane and unethical Fata was, Gorski’s “shillings” on line are meant to intimidate anyone discussing the dangers of (too many) vaccines too close together, and those discussions are often building blocks toward people learning the truth by sharing experiences with other patients, physicians, nutritionists, and natural healers.


    It is the job of hucksters like ORAC to keep people in the dark about all of it–the dangers of chemical medicine in general. That is why Gorski attacks anyone who questions allopathic medicine–it endangers his profits, control and power, which just greatly increased with the imprisonment of the now infamous Fata.


    ORAC and FATA spread lies and propaganda to cover their tracks

    This is a direct quote of David Gorski while trolling the internet as “ORAC” from May of 2012:


    ‘Use emotional warfare on anti-vax blogs. Tell emotional stories full of tears and sobbing and unbearable grief and terror, about people in your own family or people you read about, who were sick with or died of terrible diseases. Don’t hold back details about bodily fluids and suchlike: the more gross the better. This stuff has a way of infiltrating the minds of readers and subtly influencing their decisions, in a manner similar to advertising.’ … ‘Go in there and “agree with them” and then say things that appear thoroughly delusional, overtly nuts, blatantly and obviously wrong even to nincompoops, etc. Occasional spelling and grammar errors are also useful but don’t over-do. The point of this exercise is to create an impression that drives away undecideds who may come in to check out these sites. It helps to do this as a group effort and begin gradually, so the sites appear to be “going downhill slowly.” …


    “But it is useful to have an email address that can’t be traced back, for certain legitimate and ethical uses, just as it is useful to have a mail box at say the UPS store.”


    Later on in his explanation of his deceit and propaganda strategies, he writes:


    “The way to fight it is by sabotaging the anti-vaxers with crazy stuff that drives away undecideds. The way to fight it is with emotional narratives that undermine the ones that the anti-vaxers are pushing.”


    Fata’s victims made impact statements and submitted them to U.S. Attorney’s office with full names consented in writing for publication


    Here is just one example of what Fata is putting innocent people through:

    (Doc # 135-2 Filed 05/28/15 Pg 2 of 26 Pg ID 1367)


    U.S. v. FATA victim impact statement (excerpts) from Fata’s patients diagnosed with “multiple myeloma”


    “After [unnecessary] chemotherapy . . . I started off bed ridden with unbearable pain. I went to a walker, then the 4 pronged cane . . I have a paralysis of 2 ½ toes on my left foot. I have peripheral neuropathy in both hands and both feet. I am unable to eat with regular utensils. Only plastic ware may touch my mouth or enter in . . . I stopped being able to comb my daughter’s hair when she needed me the most. I couldn’t take care of my own either. I couldn’t attend the functions for my children’s sports . . . I have bad ticks/tremors in my hands. I . . have . . unbearable pain at the point of touch that feels like a thousand bee sings. My feet ache, percolate causing level 10 pain 80-90% of each day no matter what I’m doing. I have days when I cannot stand, nor even lay down comfortably. Most nights the pain is too great to allow me to sleep. I am on lots of medicine and even with all that I take; it only takes the edge off just enough to keep me from going insane or crying incessantly . . . I didn’t deserve to end up like this even though I am still alive with love & many thanks, some days when the pain is too great I close my eyes longing for the relief of heaven . . .” (Patient Maggie Dorsey)


    Special Note: Each Victim Impact Statement submitted to the U.S. Attorney’s Office included a consent form regarding the publication of portions of the Victim Impact Statement. The consent form requested the writer to indicate whether their full names could be used, only their initials, or neither. The government includes in this sentencing memorandum only the level of identification permitted by each of the writers.


    Source: https://www.justice.gov/usao-edmi/file/623461/download


    Spending $45 million yearly on drugs, was Fata “too big to jail?”

    In an American system that has no more checks and balances, nearly any doctor in America can run a ponzi scheme or misdiagnose thousands of patients and get away with it. The FDA and the CDC don’t care, and the AMA endorses pill pushing doctors right and left, so how does a cancer care center that doesn’t even attempt to cure cancer ever get shut down? Simple: they don’t. Some doctors say Fata was too big to turn in to the authorities.


    Just to be able to gauge the magnitude and breadth of Fata’s cancer-scam industrial complex, the Feds said that by the time Fata was apprehended, he was buying $45,000,000 worth of drugs a year for a staff of THREE doctors. How could this be? The average amount full time oncologists in the US spend is less than $2 million, according to a 2015 report on oncology trends. And just how do three doctors prescribe ALL of that chemical medicine in one year? They misdiagnose, over treat and treat with long term care, sometimes three years long, that continues until the patient dies off, and they see up to 50 to 60 patients a day, if only for ten minutes at the end of their visit to assure they believe in his chemical hoax called the European “protocol.”


    Fata even branched out with his own in-house pharmacy, called Vital Pharmacare. He also had built a radiation treatment center (Michigan Radiation Institute), a diagnostic facility (United Diagnostics), and his own fake charity called “Swan for Life.” He always pushed for longer and unneeded treatments, and if anyone denied more treatment, it still wasn’t over for the Fata scam artist, who referred them to the hospice he had received kickback money from and that used the services Fata owned. It was a whole spider web of lies, deceit and supposed “choices” that kept patients under Fata’s toxic umbrella, one way or another, with Dr. David “ORAC” Gorski planted right in the middle of it all.



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