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    On January 20, 2017, Donald John Trump will take office as the 45th U.S. President. Having defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in what many call the greatest ever upset victory and even a “miracle,” Trump’s landslide election victory defied all odds and completely surprised millions of “sleeping” Americans who thought the Clinton and Obama regimes could not be stopped. Every major mass media outlet in America, whether television, radio, newspaper or internet, claimed that Clinton had a massive lead and that it was virtually useless for Trump to even keep campaigning.

    Trump, a billionaire businessman, real estate developer and TV personality, simply told the truth about so many topics, current and past, that the country woke up and realized that the only way to fix a broken system was to “drain the swamp” of the crooked politicians and corporate interests that ruined democracy in the first place, and nearly crippled the beloved Constitution. During his professional career, Trump has built office towers, casinos, hotels and hundreds of major facilities across the globe. Trump is a graduate of Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, and the 324th wealthiest person in the world. Now, at 70 years of age, he will be the oldest president to ever take office in the U.S.

    The Trump platform: Fix trade, secure borders, repeal and replace Obamacare, and bring jobs back to America

    Trump vows to renegotiate U.S.–China trade deals and dismantle NAFTA, which he says is the worst trade deal in the history of America. He also says he does not support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is nothing more than a glorified version of U.S. corporations controlling the world’s chemical medicine and genetically modified food as a monopoly for the political interests of globalists. Trump plans to replace Obamacare, which is nothing more than a monopoly also, where major pharmaceutical corporations charge exorbitant prices for everything medical and virtually eliminate free market competition and generic drugs.

    Plus, Obamacare denies all coverage of anything holistic, natural or complementary as far as healthcare is concerned, and won’t cover visits to naturopathic doctors, chiropractic care or nutritionists, or pay for lrenatural remedies or any holistic medicine that has been proven to be preventative and curative for all kinds of diseases and illnesses for centuries, if not millennia. Trump actually serves organic food in most of his hotels and restaurants, and is not “bought” by Monsanto, meaning his campaign was not funded by evil, manipulative corporations that push GMO food. He will most likely support organic food and clean food activism, instead of trying to destroy it all, as Obama has done. (1)

    Trump wealth and success timeline:

    1978: Trump finishes negotiations to develop Trump Tower – the 58-story skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan. Its construction is completed by 1983. The tower houses Trump’s primary residence penthouse condo, as well as the headquarters of the Trump Organization. It was also used as the setting for the NBC show The Apprentice.

    1984: Harrah’s hotel & casino at Trump Plaza opens in Atlantic City.

    1985: Trump acquires Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida for $8 million including the furnishings. It serves as his winter retreat and also as a private club with high-end membership fees. He also invests with Lee Iacocca in condominium complexes, located in Palm Beach.

    1988: Trump acquires Plaza Hotel in Manhattan for $400 million. Wife Ivana manages the renovation and operation for him.

    1988: Trump acquires and builds the Taj Mahal casino via Merv Griffin and Resorts International for over $1 billion – making it, at the time, the most expensive casino ever constructed.

    1996 – 1999: Trump acquires a vacant office building on Wall Street in Manhattan and later renovates it into the 70-story Trump Building with assets from his father’s estate (his father died in 1999).

    2001: Trump completes the 72-story residential Trump World Tower right across from the UN Headquarters.

    2002: Trump acquires Hotel Delmonico in Manhattan, refurbishes it, calls it Trump Park Avenue, and re-opens it with luxury condos by 2004.

    Trump owns and operates 18 or more golf courses and resorts around the world, which in total rake in nearly $400 million in profit (per 2015 Golf Week report).

    2006: Trump buys Menie Estate in Scotland to create golf resort.

    2014: Trump purchases Turnberry hotel and golf resort in Scotland, which is a regular part of the Open Championship Rota.

    Special note: Despite rumors to the contrary, Donald Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy. Though his hotel and casino businesses have been declared bankrupt several times, this was part of Trump’s debt trimming strategy, and is all perfectly legal.

    Miss Universe and other beauty pageant successes

    1996 – 2015: Trump owns or has owned several pageants, including Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, and moved them to NBC after dissatisfaction with CBS scheduling.

    Donald J. Trump Foundation gives to healthcare, conservative groups and sports-related charities

    1988: Trump establishes the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which gives away proceeds from the book Trump: The Art of the Deal, co-written with Tony Schwartz. Huge donations have been given, and in 2009 alone, donations to the tune of around $1,000,000 were made to the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation, the Police Athletic League and the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

    Currently, Trump’s net worth is estimated by financial publishers like Forbes to be around $4 billion. Trump is ranked at 156th in the Forbes 400 richest people in America rankings. He has estimated his own worth at over $8 billion, as reflected by the financial net worth statement he released before his run for President of the USA. Appraisal values of his properties have fluctuated, as has the value of his personal brand. Trump says he pumped about $100 million of his own funds into his campaign. He has taken very few donations from other entities, including corporations.

    This may be the main reason that Trump was elected president, since the campaigns of most of his predecessors, including Barrack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, were massively funded by special interest groups who swayed the majority of legislation and decision making in their own favor, especially regarding the industries of food, medicine and war.

    The NBC reality show The Apprentice earned Trump $1 million per episode

    2003: Trump hosts and produces the NBC reality show The Apprentice, where contestants battle for an upper-level management job in a commercial enterprise operated by the Donald. Per Trump’s judgment, contestants are “fired” (by Trump exclaiming the now-famous phrase “you’re fired”), and these  “losers” must exit the competition. During the first season, Trump earned about $700,000, but after 14 super-successful seasons, it’s estimated that Trump was paid over $200 million by NBC Universal. Trump received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to TV.

    Trump’s political party affiliation changes, and original background

    Donald Trump was an early supporter of Ronald Reagan in the late 1970s, and by 1987 identified as a Republican. However, in 1999, Trump switched his affiliation to the Reform Party and decided to run an exploratory campaign for presidential nomination.

    In 2001, Trump left the Reform Party and supported the Democratic Party, but then, in 2008, he switched back to Republican support when he endorsed John McCain for president, officially changing his party registration in 2009. Trump has since made contributions to campaigns on both sides of the aisle, including six Democrats and four different Republicans. In February of 2012, Trump endorsed Republican Mitt Romney.

    June 2015: Trump announced his candidacy, once again, for president of the U.S. From Trump Tower in New York City, Trump discussed domestic issues like illegal immigration, national debt and the incessant offshoring of American jobs. He also spoke out about Islamic terrorism, which Obama and Hillary Clinton refused to do, at all, ever. His campaign theme was, “Make America Great Again.”

    For the first time since Kennedy, a candidate for president was calling out all the corruption in Washington, in spite of the adversity and opposition of a screaming, extreme Left that declared him to be a conspiracy theorist without a chance of winning. Trump openly labeled the media and Hillary Clinton liars. Immediately, the Obama and Clinton regime used the mass media to label Trump, for the first time in history, as a racist, bigot, misogynist and an instigator. However, the billionaire business tycoon proved them all wrong.

    Trump is the first major-party nominee in the history of the USA whose experience comes from running businesses rather than from political offices or military experience. Dwight D. Eisenhower had military experience, but no political experience. Trump will also be the oldest first term president, since Ronald Reagan had not yet turned 70 when he first took office in his first term.

    During the fall of 2016, Trump rallies were subjected to strange and violent outbursts by protestors at rallies who harassed supporters, using verbal and even physical abuse, attempting to incite fights and violence. It has subsequently emerged that this was all paid for by the Clinton campaign and George Soros, the billionaire who helped fund Clinton’s campaign. Actual Craigslist ads were posted recruiting psychopathic and destructive criminals willing to start fights at rallies, all in order to make it look like Trump’s supporters were violent, radical lunatics, so that the establishment media could portray the whole Trump campaign as some rogue, radical, anti-establishment movement that had no chance of winning an election.

    Project Veritas uses series of videos to expose the illegal Clinton campaign tactics used to rig the election and ruin Trump’s campaign

    Thanks to in-depth spy videos by Project Veritas, the Clinton Campaign and George Soros were uncovered as attempting to rig the election by arranging violence at Trump rallies and by promoting and producing illegal votes for Clinton. (8)


    In a multi-part series of videos that sent shock waves through the DNC, the Clinton campaign and all across social media, Project Veritas helped dismantle the lies and the evil underbelly network of crime and propaganda perpetrated by Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros, the trifecta of conspiracy to fix the election for their new socialist puppet to lead America. Never before in America (or at least not that was discovered), has an election been more manipulated in favor of one candidate. Yet, in an ironic twist, Trump won a landslide victory in the other direction.

    The “October Surprise” wasn’t just limited to WikiLeaks releases of troves of emails revealing Clinton crime family corruption and the insidious “pay-for-play” Clinton Foundation that traded state secrets and favors for campaign money from foreign (and dangerous) donors, but another huge surprise came from Project Veritas, who proved on video (the most powerful form of proof) that top inside operatives in direct and indirect contact with Obama and Hillary Clinton herself, gave orders to different propaganda groups to cause violence and mass disturbances outside of Trump rallies and speech venues, and to engage voters in voter fraud, by busing them to different states so that they could repeat-vote illegally, over and over again. (8) There is even an admission that this fraud has been going on for decades.

    Hillary Clinton commits FEC violations and gets away with it – but it costs her the election!

    The third video released by Project Veritas exposes prohibited communications between the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the non-profit organization Americans United for Change, where undercover agents are sent to Trump rallies disguised as a mascot-outfit-wearing duck that disturbs the rallies with the slogan “Donald-ducks-tax-release,” and the exchanges on video reveal Hillary’s plan for getting “ducks on the ground” at as many Trump rallies and events as possible. Robert Creamer – a man who visited Obama personally in the White house dozens of times in the past year – is implicated repeatedly in the planning.

    The DNC had to burn a scarecrow (fire a crony), Scott Foval, their national field director, in order to look like the criminality was shallow and only orchestrated by one crooked person, though the videos revealed a deep web of corruption, and that the “spiders” that weaved that web hoped to occupy the White House for eight more years.

    Here’s a quote from the video footage of Hillary’s plot:

    “Let me tell you something. I think she [Hillary Clinton] has the right instinct on this. This thing is resonating, but that story is not exactly what you want to hear about how presidential decision-making happened … ,” said Brad Woodhouse, president of Americans United for Change.

    Robert Creamer then says, “If the future president wants ducks, we will put ducks on the ground.”

    Not only did Hillary and Bill Clinton obtain campaign funds by illegal means, laundering money via the Clinton Foundation, but they then spent those funds on an illegally coordinated campaign full of destructive activities to ruin Donald J. Trump’s campaign, and tried to make it look like Trump supporters are all crazy, violent, racist, bigoted, fools. It all backfired.

    Clinton’s reps in this illegal scam were on daily conference calls, plotting how to keep the chaos going. The Project Veritas Action Fund (AKA Project Veritas Action) was founded by James O’Keefe to investigate and expose the intense corruption, dishonesty, waste, fraud and other misconduct of the Clinton crime family and the DNC, which has clearly been going on for some time. It worked. The videos were powerful, and though the mass media blacked out the videos, Fox News did cover them, and that was enough to garner national and international attention. The silent masses woke up and voted for Donald Trump, and now Hillary blames the FBI for her loss.

    Donald Trump wins the U.S. presidency by a landslide with 306 electoral votes

    By 3 a.m. on November 9th, Trump had secured the future presidency with 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232. It is now projected that Trump won the popular vote as well, with so many absentee ballots uncounted and with all of the illegal aliens that voted, just as President Obama urged them to in the waning hours before the polls closed. (5)

    Trump’s victory is one of the biggest political upsets in U.S. history, and this after the media repeatedly lied and said Hillary was leading in nearly every poll published by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the Washington Post, Associated Press … and you get the picture. Final results show that 43 percent of Republican female voters voted for Trump, despite the “female factor” Hillary tried to induce. Most of Clinton’s votes came from the inner metro cities, and she lost several of the key swing states, including Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio. (6)

    After the election was showing clearly that Trump would win (around midnight), Hillary Clinton did the unthinkable, and left her headquarters without giving a concession speech, after she and the rest of the mass media had pressured Trump for weeks, directly challenging him to “accept” the election results.

    Finally, the next morning, Clinton called Trump to concede. Trump then delivered his victory speech at the Hilton Hotel in New York City, as he promised to heal division and be a President “to all Americans.”

    Trump’s Platform, the 100-Day Plan and economic/legal policy positions

    Trump is not racist, or bigoted, or homophobic, despite the mass media lies. Trump describes himself as pro-life, but accepts abortions in instances of rape, incest and circumstances endangering the mother’s health. Trump has stated his concern about vaccine dangers, especially when too many are administered too close together, voicing his concerns about the link between autism and vaccines – a link that has been confirmed by the head scientist of the CDC, Dr. William Thompson. (7)

    Trump serves organic food at most of his restaurants and hotels, so most likely will not be pro-GMO (genetic engineering of food), and will hopefully support the national labeling of GMO-containing products. Trump is an avid defender of the Constitution, speaking repeatedly of defending the 1st and 2nd Amendments. He also supports legalizing medical marijuana, laws regarding which eight more states approved during the election.

    Trump’s tax plan calls for a reduction of corporate taxes by 15 percent, as well as a reduction of personal income taxes across the board. He vows to repeal and replace the abysmal and failing Obamacare, especially since premiums are slated to double or triple by the new year 2017. (2)

    Trump rejects the scientific “consensus” regarding climate change. The global warming hoax has been revealed by hundreds of well-respected scientists who have proved that the earth is actually at the beginning of a slow, cooling trend. Trump has pledged to cancel the “Paris Climate Agreement.” (9)

    Trumps says that many of the U.S. regulatory agencies are a disgrace, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has failed to remove dangerous lead and fluoride from tap water all across the country.

    Everyone has heard of the famous wall Trump plans to build between the border of Mexico and the U.S. to keep out illegal aliens, in addition to deporting about 10 million who reside in this country now, although since his election he has softened his position on deportation somewhat, focusing mainly on criminals with records.

    Trump’s tax plan protects all low-income and middle-income Americans and lowers their taxes significantly. Hillary’s subversive plan was to eliminate the middle class and basically enslave the lower class by continuing mass government handouts, enforcing mass vaccination and ramping up GMO foods by partnering with Monsanto/Bayer, one of her campaign’s biggest supporters. Hillary also wanted open borders and enforcement of the TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership), as she stated at banking seminars abroad. (3)

    The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, predicted a Trump win and the (paid-for) violence perpetrated by the Clinton crime family and George Soros

    As far back as a year ago, Alternative Media voices, pioneers of ensuring health and safety and the Constitutional rights of Americans, were predicting a silent revolution and awakening of the minds of this country. Mike Adams wrote article after article about how Trump was speaking the truth and was brave enough to take on the establishment, the corrupt media, Wall Street and even the globalists, calling out all their lies on national television and at his rallies. (10)

    The Health Ranger wrote about all the co-conspirators of the Clinton crime family, and about how the political elite wanted nothing less than to destroy America and pocket billions of dollars in the process. The politicians currently in charge of this country are engaged in genocide, from Planned Parenthood to Monsanto, and from Big Pharma to the cancer industrial complex.

    The rigging of the media and voting, and the incessant violence via Black Lives Matter and other groups funded by the Clintons and George Soros, has all been exposed by alternative media, social media and Donald Trump. Like never before, the foundation of the mass media and the tyrannical government of the U.S. is crumbling. As Mike Adams stated in an article that recently went viral, including coverage by the Washington Post, “Love Wins.” (4)


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