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    The year 2014, according to global warming proponents, was supposed to be the hottest year ever on Planet Earth, bringing with it horrible natural calamities all caused by billions of humans flogging natural resources and living irresponsibly. There was supposed to be a huge melt-off of sea ice in Antarctica, but conversely there was record sea ice there, so much that a global warming expedition ended up getting their boat stuck. Even Arctic sea ice increased, and the Great lakes only had three ice free months the whole year. Across the globe, record snowfall was experienced, as climate change activists and the mass media tried their best NOT to cover these anti-warming “events.” Record cold days were recorded instead of record heat days. Al Gore was proven by Mother Nature to be completely wrong all along. (1)

    As stated by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams: “The following charts show you something that most climate change proponents have simply never seen: The true history of CO2 level variation and global temperature variation throughout Earth’s known history. This first chart reveals how atmospheric CO2 was at nearly 7000 ppm in the Cambrian period, over 4000 ppb during the Devonian period, over 2500 ppm during the Jurassic period and has plummeted to nearly its lowest point in Earth’s history today, at around 400 ppm. At the same time, Earth’s average global temperature has gone through several cycles, varying roughly from 12 C to 22 C, and it currently stands at nearly its lowest average point in Earth’s history.”


    Even the oceans have been rising much less than predicted by the alarmists and the globalists, who have been spreading propaganda right and left across the media, especially every time there is any severe weather event. In fact, Al Gore predicted the oceans would swallow up coastlines within the century, after rising upwards of twenty feet, yet tide gauges show little to no rise in sea level at all, and none over the past twenty years. The Polar bears are doing just fine, and moose in Minnesota are making their comeback (despite wolves killing them and previously endangering their species). (2)


    More than 30,000 scientists say “Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming” is a complete hoax and a lie based on ZERO scientific evidence

    Mass media recently spread a great lie across the TV news, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Most Americans now believe that “99% of scientists believe in global warming,” even though that statistic is completely fabricated, warped, skewed, and comes from a study where only 75 cherry-picked scientists were “interviewed.” Since that propaganda was disseminated across the lame-stream media outlets, 31,000 honest scientists have come forward and signed a petition saying they don’t believe in this “man-made” hoax that’s being perpetuated for billions of dollars in profit by the globalists, their cohorts, and their political minions. (3)


    In actuality, nature produces way more CO2 than man. Here’s proof. In that same year, 2014, less than three years ago, NASA launched a satellite measuring CO2 levels from around the planet and realized in their findings that the majority of CO2 was coming from rainforests in China, Africa, and South America, rather than from industrialized nations of the northern hemisphere, as the shills of global warming would have us believe in order to suit their money-making scheme and agenda. (7)


    Zero global warming activity on Earth over the past 18 years

    Climate change alarmists use cherry-picked data and even statistics from the wrong areas to make fuel their false narrative. Using ground weather stations that are influenced heavily by pavement and “cemented” cities, also known as the “Urban Heat Island Effect,” global warming hysteria has been promoted, completely ignoring real, accurate data (5) that disproves their concocted theories entirely. The filthy rich elitists push a narrative to which they themselves are complete hypocrites, flying around in leer jets, preaching propaganda to the world about the rest of us wasting resources and adding to the problem. Al Gore actually profits from carbon taxes and other laws governing green energy, while living a lifestyle completely hypocritical to what he preaches. (4)

    There currently exists an entire network of politicians, corporations, and scientific shills who promote a lie that stands to pad their pockets to the tune of over $20 billion per year, and that’s tax payer money. These lying elitists are bankrolling $40,000 per minute by spreading one of the greatest hoaxes and Ponzi schemes the world has ever known–and it’s called “man-made global warming.” (6)


    Government insider, NASA consultant, climate prediction expert, and top scientist blows the whistle on climate change scam

    A former White House space program advisor, space shuttle engineer, and consultant to NASA headquarters has been directing critical scientific programs for 35 years, including conducting classified research. Retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist John L. Casey, was the supervisor to Al Gore’s closest cohort in the promotion of man-made global warming fears, one James Hansen–soothsayer extraordinaire. Casey said that Hansen “embarrassed NASA” with his alarming climate propaganda. With Casey’s professional (and courageous) assessment of the whole hoax, thousands of scientists are now coming forwards with their complete abandonment of the theory that environmental pollutants originating from human activity are causing earth’s temperatures to rise on average at some alarming rate, or even at all. (8)


    This is not to say that these scientists are not in agreement that the clearing of rainforests, the spreading of pesticides, and the flogging of natural resources doesn’t have a profound impact on ecological conditions and environmental welfare, but the temperature on earth is certainly NOT rising because of human activity. This is the true consensus, despite what mainstream (aka lamestream) media is purporting. The anthropogenic global warming fears are all propaganda that are part of Big Government control agendas to rake in billions of dollars off the hard working masses, with their permission. Remember, this is all according to the retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist that Congress brought in to investigate why critical systems failed the 1986 space shuttle Challenger, which tragically exploded and killed the seven crew members. (9)


    NASA and the bureaucrats of Washington DC trusted John Casey’s highly technical and superior engineering credentials to investigate this occurrence, so why wouldn’t he be reliable and forthright when assessing the whole climate change debacle? (10)


    April, 2007: Retired senior NASA atmospheric scientist John L. Casey comes out of retirement to declare global warming a HOAX

    The world is actually about 1 degree cooler than it was 20 years ago, with cooler summers and longer winters. The oceans are not getting warmer. The North Polar ice cap is actually increasing in size. Your automobile and the factory downtown are not making the weather hotter. Sure, the liberal media and their paid scientist shills, hacks, and charlatans are all screaming in their arguments that its all the humans’ fault, but the only ones behind the real HOAX are the ones who stand to gain financially from it, and in the biggest ways.

    nasa graph

    May 16, 2014: Obama tweets “97% of scientists agree: climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.” Still, it’s all a farce based on completely manipulated and botched science. Even the Wall Street Journal reported that global warming is fiction and based entirely on unsubstantiated claims. (15)


    In actuality, less than 1% of scientists believe that human activity is causing climate change. There is simply NO convincing evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or even greenhouse gases can heat up the Earth’s atmosphere. To the laymen without a science background maybe it sounds like it could be true, and since it has been shoved down the throats for so long now, millions of people are brainwashed into believing it. After all, many people care about pollution, natural resources, animals’ livelihood, natural produce, sustainable agriculture, preserving nature and rainforests, and so on, so it’s only common nature to want to support something that sounds positive, as if our actions can prevent the “end of the world” as we know it. However, in that same light, every time there’s a flood, a drought, or a heat wave, the mass media jumps all over it and screams “See! We told you so.”


    Bottom line: There has always been and will always be climate change. Still, the heat wave that rocked America in the 1930s certainly wasn’t because of human “irresponsibility.” So how is today any different? It’s not.


    The forbidden theme in the scientific community – solar cycles

    Solar cycles, it turns out, are the “arch enemy” argument against man-made global warming. They are the “kryptonite,” if you will, of the “Super Hoax.” John Casey found multiple solar cycles that change the temperatures on Earth, and they’re even fairly predictable! These cycles revealed decades ago that the 1990s would be warmer than usual, and then it would cool back down for decades. In order to perpetuate the climate change hoax, the NOAA, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, has been adjusting its statistics and graphs and replacing them with fabricated, false data using simulated computer models, instead of scientific factual data, which would disprove all of their lies.
    real climate change graph global warming graph 2

    Politicians are demanding the United Nations change their own climate reports to fit the man-made global warming multi-billion-dollar business agenda. Scientific and academic shills are simply publishing whatever the politicians and corporate nihilists tell them they want to share on mass media, just as the biotechnology Big-Ag industry does with GMO technology “studies.”


    The “Solar Grand Maximum” (SGM) creates global warming and cooling, not humans and their antics

    Every single global warming alarmist stops talking when someone simply says the words, “Solar Grand Maximum.” In fact, the solar grand maximum has ended, thus ending the “global warming” trend the alarmists have been pushing on Americans for two decades. You see, there are no humans on Mars, Pluto, or Jupiter, where planetary warming has been observed during the decades following the peak of the SGM. Climate changes on Earth are due to solar changes and our interstellar environment, not human behavior. We are arrogant and egotistical to believe in such a preposterous theory. The SGM is now moving into a solar grand minimum.


    That means global cooling (a mini Ice Age) is on the horizon, which is simply a natural oscillation that occurs in very long solar cycles. In complete contradiction to the climate change hoax being perpetuated via social media and mass media today, true science reveals that sharp increases in global warming actually PRECEDE sharp increases in CO2, and not the other way around. Therefore, the Earth’s oceans are beginning to cool. Upon closer look, temperatures that span the last 100 years correlate with ocean cycles more than they correlate with carbon dioxide, and those ocean cycles are caused by solar and lunar cycles.


    These facts are what every single global warming alarmist must ignore, blackout, and completely avoid to be able to push their false narrative. Global warming is completely fear-based. Sure, humans contribute to greenhouse gases, but the cumulative effect is a miniscule fraction compared to the natural causes, and to say humans are THE cause of climate change is all one big scare tactic fueling the mass hysteria for the biggest Ponzi scheme ever known to mankind – even bigger than the military industrial war complex.


    World’s largest and most lucrative Ponzi scheme – Climate Control


    2001: Al Gore’s net worth $2 million

    2016: Al Gore’s net worth $100 million


    Before leaving office as Clinton’s VP, Al Gore was not what most consider a “filthy” rich man, but thanks to the global warming SCAM, he’s now worth a cool $100 million. Gore invested in fake “green tech” companies and embezzled the loans and grants, then watched all those companies go bankrupt (all as part of the plan from the beginning). With no intentions whatsoever of funding companies that would build wind mills, or wind turbines, or solar panels, and use natural energy to help the environments and ecosystems, Al Gore is the fulcrum of the world’s largest and most lucrative Ponzi scheme – Climate Control.


    Barrack Hussein Obama works the same plot and ploys, embezzling money from companies like Solyndra, where he grants them money up front, and they return part of that in campaign contributions, fueling his Ponzi schemes to stop the … “destructive power of a warming planet.” Essentially, Obama used taxpayer monies to fund his re-election campaign, by channeling it through fake green companies that never come to be anything productive. In fact, Solyndra became return investment for Goldman Sachs when they took it over after the “fall.” Other federal loans to the tune of $400 million were all but given to companies like Abound Solar, which of course, went bankrupt too, along with over 100 different “green” companies. Solar, along with the others, all give a portion of their riches back to the Democratic campaigns by the hundreds of thousands. Greedy scientists, academic shills, and even the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, also participate in the money laundering scheme to make it all sound official.


    The billionaires get richer while American taxpayers invest in a Ponzi scheme with no return except some temporary quelled fears about the burning temperature of Earth being staved off by some rogue, criminal politicians and globalists. (17) This is how the global scam adds up to billions and billions and even trillions of dollars. Now you see why the narrative is pushed SO HARD in the mass media. The criminal politicians are still using any extreme weather event to push their false narrative, including the recent floods that are devastating Louisiana. (18) (19) The EPA and Al Gore know no bounds. Meanwhile, the alarmists fly around in jets burning fossil fuel and lecturing people on how burning fossil fuel is warming the planet. It’s complete hypocrisy hurled at the taxpayers who live in fear while paying for a huge lie, all while the planet’s temperature gets a little milder.


    Daily Caller shows how the NOAA manipulated temperature records to fake a present and past warming trend

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration altered data and recreated temperature graphs, so that any skeptic Americans doing their own research would find the false statistics and fall in compliance with believing the myth of global warming. Knowing that the year 1936 was warmer than the year 2012, NASA scientists and climatologists had to alter data to convince Americans that the wildfires and droughts around the country were the result of careless living by humans who aren’t doing enough to halt global warming. NOAA claimed 2012 was the hottest July since 1985, but they lied. The agency had removed data from 1936, and then later on, after getting busted for fraud, reinstated that data as the hottest month on record in the US. It all served the narrative just long enough, and most Americans will never know what took place, as long as the mass media outlets only publish what fits their agenda. It’s business as usual in Washington DC.


    World temperatures have been COOLING since the 1930s

    Raw data proves that there is no global warming taking place. Mountains of scientific evidence hidden from the masses show this fact in the form of raw data. If the NOAA had not replaced real temperatures with fabricated computer model data, everyone would know that “global warming” in not the trend, and that it’s just one huge scheme to make money while instilling fear in taxpayers, much like the domestic terror narrative today. It’s not just an error with grids that the NOAA made, but rather it’s a planned plot to deceive Americans and it violates the Data Quality Act. Now, the “Paris global warming treaty” is being promoted by the EU along with the US administration, and that false narrative is part of the reason for the recent “Brexit” – where the British people realized the global and government fraud that was ruining their country and helped them decide to escape from the dictatorial grasp of the EU bureaucracy and criminal Big Government.


    CLEXIT (Climate Exit) is the new international organization aimed at preventing ratification of costly Ponzi scheme of global warming/climate change

    Clexit was inspired by the Brexit decision and has attracted renowned scientists, business leaders, and economic leaders from around the world who know that global warming is a scam and are fighting to prevent the Paris Treaty from ending low cost hydrocarbon transport and other energy innovations. Low-cost hydrocarbon energy and natural energy undermines the corporate infrastructure that steals money from taxpayers and keeps the government and ruthless corporations in complete control.


    Also, the UN climate plane called the “Green Climate Fund” is simply another Ponzi scheme where developing and emerging nations are forced to dump money into “green slush funds” where “green” companies, again, put up their fake fronts and then go bankrupt shortly thereafter, all so that billionaires can put massive amounts of cash in their pockets, all under the guise of helping keep the planet cool.


    The biggest lie for depopulation agenda: Having less children helps with global warming!

    The ultimate Big Government and globalist agenda is to reduce the world’s population by about 5 billion over the next few decades. There are several genocidal methods for accomplishing this, including force-feeding people genetically modified, pesticide-laden food (GMO), force-vaccinating children, the elderly, and pregnant women with sterilizing chemicals, and of course, convincing everyone to stop having children in order to keep the earth from “burning up.” Bill Gates (20) and George Soros (21) are two of the world’s richest contributors to this insidious agenda. In other words, they’re telling us we can save the children by not having any. The latest scandal in this regards taxing childbirth. (11)


    After that, America may even resort to a communist rule of law that limits the amount of children a family can birth, like China, where only one child is allowed and any more are literally executed. This is now part of the mentality carried over through fear about climate change and how you can be a part of the global Ponzi scheme to help lower temperatures and save the next generation. You see, without public brainwashing and participation, the great money laundering scheme would die. Not having children, according to a philosopher at the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, is a “moral duty.” Want to prevent flooding? Stop having children. Want to feed starving nations of people for generations to come? Get your babies vaccinated with sterilization chemicals. Want to leave this planet sooner so you’re not a burden? Eat GMO and get cancer and die young.


    Climate change “expert” jailed for embezzling nearly $1 million from EPA

    John C. Beale confessed to defrauding the government and was sentenced to nearly 3 years in federal prison for claiming he was a CIA agent in order to get a rush from the excitement of lying to people. Beale was the EPA’s top climate change expert and highest paid employee. Beale confessed in court that he was ashamed of his greed and the scam he ran for over a decade. (13) Beale would claim he was at work while he was actually at his vacation home in Cape Cod reading, doing housework, or riding his bicycle. Beale billed taxpayers for nearly a quarter million dollars for his 30 first-class plane flights for personal trips to California and London, where he stayed in 5-star hotels, took limo rides, and ate the most expensive meals available. He also drew a salary all the while for over $200,000 per year, and even threw a retirement party for himself. The EPA staff said Beale perpetrated a crime of epic proportions and that he is a “poster child for what is wrong with the government.” (12)


    How did Beale get away with his scam for so long? Because the EPA is one huge scam, run like a criminal racket of a business instead of a regulatory agency. The culture of the EPA makes it ripe for fraud, including propagating the myth of global warming. Mr. Beale was a senior policy advisor who worked for years as one of the EPA’s top climate change experts, defrauding the American public while furthering the insidious agenda that steals taxpayer money for a scheme that doesn’t even improve or protect the environment in any way, shape or form. It’s simply pathetic. (14)


    Beale is married to Nancy Kete, a woman that President Obama appointed to the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling. She is also the managing director of the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the most insidious foundations on Earth that also fuels eugenics and mass genocide, and has done so ever since the second World War. (22)



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