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    Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that appears during infancy or childhood, with a broad array of communication and learning impairments, from mild to moderate to severe. Autism is rarely ever inherited, but rather brought on by an overload of neurotoxins either consumed, injected or ingested from environmental factors, or all of the above. Mainstream medicine and the allopathic “regime” deny that vaccines are a culprit, but the CDC has been implicated in covering up research (1) that proved otherwise, according to top experts and the CDC’s own lead scientist (2). Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is a broad umbrella term for autism, Asperger (or Asperger’s) syndrome, and any other pervasive developmental, cognitive, behavioral, social communication and language disorders. Autism occurs when nerve cells and synapses in the brain are altered, blocked, disrupted and disturbed.


    Autism spike coincides with vaccine schedule increase per CDC

    Currently, autism affects over 20 million people, or about two people per thousand, worldwide. Oddly, autism occurs in boys four to five times more often than girls (there are only hypotheses as to why). One in every 68 children in the US has been diagnosed with some form of ASD as of 2014, a 30% increase from just two years prior, in 2012. This autism spike directly coincides with the vaccine schedule frequency and combination increase, per recommendations by the CDC. United States children recieve up to 50 inoculations of various sorts before age seven, many of which are combination vaccines that contain several known carcinogens implicated in autism, cancer, and CNS malfunctions, including mercury, formaldehyde (embalming fluid), monosodium glutamate (MSG), and aluminum, to name a few. (3) (4)


    Vaccine Ingredient Mercury Implicated in Causing Autism Spike in America

    Mercury is the second most poisonous element known to mankind, second only to uranium, yet for some reason, it’s still used in vaccines as a preservative, even when there are several other options that are not toxic that would do the same job. It is scientific FACT that human brain neurons permanently disintegrate in the presence of mercury within one hour of exposure. Thimerosal is a mercury containing preservative (6) (about 50% mercury) and the World Health Organization warned about its use in vaccines way back in 1990. Plus, mercury, an unstable metal, is a cumulative poison, meaning the body has difficulty removing it and it accumulates significantly over time. Some infants receive more mercury in one day than the WHO recommends as a MAXIMUM FOR ADULTS for three months worth of exposure. The maximum amount of mercury for any human to ingest should actually be ZERO. There is NO safe amount of mercury for the human body, and to suggest that there is would be like setting a maximum amount of uranium intake, or plutonium, or cesium 137 (radio cesium), for that matter.


    There are three kinds of mercury that cause health problems. There is elemental mercury, also known as liquid mercury or “quicksilver,” and there are inorganic mercury salts and organic mercury. Symptoms of mercury poisoning, as listed by NIH (National Institutes of Health), (14) include liquid stool, liver disorder, deafness, loss of side vision, loss of speech, myoclonic movements, mania, difficulty understanding ordinary speech, paresthesia of the tongue, and death. Sounds like they are describing autism. Plus, neurologic symptoms caused by mercury compounds have a delayed onset after exposure–which is why autism begins in the early years of life and usually worsens with more vaccinations, booster shots and flu shots administered, not to mention more mercury consumed in foods and vapors emitted via dental “amalgam” fillings. (5) Elemental mercury can also be found in glass thermometers, certain electrical switches, fluorescent bulbs, and some medical equipment.


    Complete intolerance to thimerosal

    Complete intolerance to thimerosal is known to develop from previous vaccines. The massive boom in autism cases,, including learning disabilities and behavioral disorders, can be directly correlated to the incessant inoculations administered to pregnant women, newborns, infants, and children, and these problems DID NOT EXIST in these mass numbers in previous generations. Corporations, the AMA, the FDA, and the CDC (13), have attempted to suppress this information for decades. (14)


    The connection between vaccines (overdose) and autism has been repeatedly established, not to mention other horrendous and usually lifelong medical conditions caused by vaccines, including Asperger’s syndrome and other pervasive developmental, cognitive, behavioral, social communication, language disorders, and permanent paralysis (Guillain Barré syndrome) (Published vaccine secrets: http://healthwyze.org/reports/60-vaccine-secrets). (12)


    The chance of catching many of the diseases supposedly prevented by vaccines is actually quite remote, and a normal human immune system that is not compromised by the vaccines themselves is usually enough to beat these diseases and provide natural immunity FOR LIFE, whereas vaccines only provide temporary (and artificially induced) immunity, if that. Some vaccines have been reported to spread the very diseases they were meant to offer protection from, as they often contain LIVE (dormant, “inactive” or weakened) viral strains. (7)


    Speech difficulties for nearly half of all autistic children

    Daily communication skills are a major struggle for almost half of the children suffering from mercury poisoning and central nervous system disorders. The CDC has admitted, via their top, senior scientist, that mercury (thimerosal) in the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine was much more likely to cause autism in African American boys (15) who were given the jab before age three. Why is that? Nobody knows, but what IS known is that CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson CONFESSED to it, saying other scientists conspired to cover up and destroy the evidence, the research, the statistics, the results of a study, and he has so much guilt from it that he can’t bare to look at the parents and their children who are dealing with it now. This confession is available to the public as a verbal recording and letter presented by Dr. Thompson and his attorney’s office, so as to protect him from any backlash from the CDC, FDA, or the vaccine industry cartel, in general. (http://www.naturalnews.com/050038_SB277_vaccine_mandate_Tuskegee_medical_experiments_African-Americans.html)

    Problems with communication can be noticeable from the first year of life for these affected and inflicted children and may include strange, random gestures and babbling. They may be less likely to share experiences and their focus is limited to only one or two compulsive areas of interest. An elevated pattern of occurrence of self-injury can come into play, like head-banging and eye poking, which are good examples of the severity of mercury poisoning. Chromosome abnormalities have also been implicated in autism, including deletion, inversion and duplication. Toxins and other factors from the environment can influence gene expression.

    Heritability studies suggest autism is only inherited less than one percent of the time. This leads us to believe Dr. William Thompson and the research his CDC team conducted tells us exactly why African American boys under age three were so likely to get autism from the MMR vaccine. Autism is NOT traceable to a single gene mutation nor to single chromosome abnormality. In other words, the mutation that causes the autism IS NOT PRESENT in the parental genome 99% or more of the time. Therein lies the crux of the whole vaccine-autism connection that mainstream media will not publish nor speak a word about.


    Synaptic dysfunction and disrupted development – identifiable causes of autism

    Science and gene replacement studies in mice point right at synaptic dysfunction as a cause of autism spectrum disorder, specifically synaptic pathways–those associated with cell adhesion. There is strong evidence ASD arises early in development, but AFTER birth, hence the name autism spectrum “development” disorder. Many parents first become aware of autistic symptoms immediately following routine vaccinations, especially after combination vaccines or immunizations are administered at the SAME TIME as influenza vaccines.


    The CDC’s recommended schedule (4) results in vaccine “overload” and the mass media never admits it, since their sponsors are Big Pharma, the cohorts working hand-in-hand for allopathy chemical-based medicine profits. Excitatory networks are overloaded, in other words, and the conjured-up, unnatural “fight or flight” artificial immune reactions (autoimmune disorder) and abnormal formation of synapses caused by inoculations implicated in this short and long-term damage to key brain regions. This disrupted synaptic development also contributes to epilepsy. Autism, therefore, may be a DIRECT RESULT of allopathic medicine and all the chemical adjuvants, emulsifiers, heavy metal toxins, formaldehyde and mercury combined, and administered repeatedly multiple times each year during the first six years of life.


    Biomarkers of abnormal immune function

    Biomarkers of abnormal immune function are associated with behavior impairments–core features of autism, for example speech impediments and social interactions. Pregnant women getting flu shots may be a prime indicator of this root causation, since most flu shots contain mercury at extremely alarming levels, as described earlier. Western medicine blames “infection” during pregnancy for this, which is actually true, if considering heavy metal toxin overload as a CNS infection. In fact, several studies have tested this for individuals with Asperger syndrome, which is an ASD disorder considered on the “high functioning” end of the spectrum, but still exhibiting restricted range of interests and usually repetitive behaviors.


    Cognitive Disabilities and the DSM-4 and DSM-5

    The latest editions of the psychology manual for allopathy, the DSM-4 and DSM-5 (diagnostic and statistical manuals of mental disorders), cover so many symptoms of autism and depression it would seem just about every child in the world could be classified as abnormal or affected in one way or another, but that’s simply not true. This broad classification by the DSM is an attempt to offer varying “classification and diagnostic” evidence for doctors to be able to prescribe chemical medications for chidlren and parents coping with symptoms. Nearly every emotion under the sun that is bad is considered a clinical sickness. (20)

    For example, if you are sad you are clinically sick, according to DSM-5. (18) (19) Diagnosis is based strictly on behavior, so if kids are abused or just introspective by nature, they may be diagnosed as autistic or of having asperger’s. It’s that simple and that corrupt for “modern medicine” and Western medicine. The vaccine industry even has their own court of law and their own judges should any families, and thousands do, attempt to sue the manufacturers of these dangerous vaccines, but the corporations have immunity from damages, so a slush fund, which comes from the CDC’s profits from selling those very vaccines, is used to payoff the families who fall victim to ASD injury.


    Pediatricians usually blame “genetics” instead of the known neurotoxins injected and ingested

    The first course of “action” for a pediatrician who suspects autism is to perform a preliminary investigation by gathering information about family history of medical conditions. The pediatric neuropsychologist will assess behavior and cognitive skills and will recommend educational interventions.


    CDC recommended vaccine schedule (includes massive toxin overload) of 30 – 50 inoculations before age 7: (http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/imz/child-adolescent.html)

    All of the following administered in MULTIPLE DOSES, in some cases up to 4 doses: Hepatitis B, Rotavirus, Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), Haemophilus influenzae type b4 (Hib), Pneumococcal conjugate, inactivated poliovirus (does not mean virus is dead, just weakened, yet dormant). Then, children’s muscle tissue is injected with measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, Hepatitis A, Meningococcal, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis-again (allopathy calls these “booster shots”), Tdap, human papillomavirus (for STD beginning at nine years of age–very controversial), Meningococcal B, Pneumococcal polysaccharide.

    The polio vaccine once contained cancer virus and was administered to mass populations, as Merck’s own senior scientist Dr. Maurice Hillemen confesses about wild virus testing gone awry several decades ago. (21) Currently, there is no real safety or efficacy testing done by vaccine manufacturers, and there are no laws in place or regulations requiring such research and validation, not by the CDC, the FDA, nor independent agencies that have any say in the matter of national vaccination programs. There are NO checks and balances whatsover right now in the pharmaceutical industrial complex or the vaccine industrial complex. Many health critics call these industries rogue and destructive to medicine, engaging in repeat offenses of “chemical violence.” Metabolic tests would be more than helpful here, but are not routine, and clinical geneticists link more than 40% of cases to genetic causes, though this is not based on any scientific research and there is no proof for that claim.


    Random classifications for mercury poisoning in DSM 4 and 5

    Autism is only actually one of a handful of widespread abnormalities characterized by pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), disjointed social interactions and failures to communicate–all affecting children and adults in similar ways. Asperger’s syndrome is closest to autism in signs.

    Childhood disintegrative disorder and Rett syndrome are said to have different causes, though even atypical autism is just the leftovers that weren’t classified under the first four umbrella terms. All roads lead to Rome though, and most of these moderate to severely affected children need special care for the rest of their lives, some beginning with infantile autism and ending with Alzheimer’s disease (also caused by heavy metal toxin overload, such as aluminum, which is also in most vaccines) (16). Diagnostic categories in DSM 4 and DSM 5 are completely arbitrary, with vague categories descriptions, such as high, medium and low (HFA, MFA, LFA).

    First signs of autism usually include some or even all of the following: no babbling by one year of age, no gesturing (waving or pointing) by one year, no single words by 16 months, no original two-word combinations by 2 years of age (not just repeated or “echoed” in other words), loss of social skills at any age. Most parents recognize these unusual behaviors by 18 months and the rest notice by 2 years old.

    The CDC blatantly lies about prevention, even telling women to get the rubella vaccination shot DURING PREGNANCY to prevent autism cases that they claim are caused by infection of the mother with rubella. Again, there is no scientific proof of this anywhere ever done or recorded. This was just made up out of thin air to promote more vaccines that contain mercury. Plus, aluminum phosphate, (22) a common ingredient in immunizations, greatly increases the toxicity of mercury, so caution about minimum mercury tolerance is severely underestimated. CDC scientists and all doctors are well aware of this. (17)

    Again, nowhere in mainstream media or Western medicine does it even mention to regulate known carcinogens, pathogens, and food toxins that cause cell disorder and central nervous system malfunctions, including chemical herbicides and insecticides commonly found in conventional produce and GMO food products (11) and beverages. (8)


    As reported by HolisticDentistry.news in February of 2016:

    Mercury exposure in dental offices, even during routine checkups, is far more of a health hazard than one might suspect, and the risks are even higher for children. Though there’s substantial research backing the toxic effects of mercury, dental offices all over the U.S. continue to use this toxic substance in their everyday practices. Given this information, why would dentists use mercury in any capacity to begin with? It’s scientifically proven that there is no known safe level of exposure to this highly toxic element, for adults or children. Exposure to high mercury vapors can cause severe lung damage, while prolonged low vapor exposure may result in neurological impairment, (bolded for emphasis) kidney abnormalities, memory loss and skin rash, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite these known health effects, dentists still use mercury-containing amalgams habitually. Dental amalgams consist of a mixture of metals, including liquid mercury, tin, copper, silver and zinc. About 50 percent of amalgams are made up of mercury, with its vapors easily released into the body through brushing, chewing, eating and drinking hot liquids.” (23)


    Education, Nutrition and Heavy Metal Toxin Detoxification are Key Interventions

    Educational interventions combined with proper nutrition and the filtering of chemicals entirely from the intake of the child can do wonders to improve intellectual performance, immunity and some behavior. Special education teachers (LD) and many inclusion teachers as well are educated to work with young children suffering from the autism spectrum disorders. Chemical in foods can only exacerbate poor behavior and cognitive functions. Take for instance a child with moderate-to-severe autism that is being given fast food, micro-waved meals, artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water, MSG, HFCS, GMO, mercury dental fillings and flu shots.


    Many MDs will recommend chemical-based pharmaceuticals (SSRI) to treat ASD symptoms, even those exacerbated by poor diet. Many SSRI medications (selective serotonin uptake inhibitors) block or disrupt normal synapse firing in the brain, by blocking pathways where the neurons fire across. Yet this is part of the description of autism, that those synapses misfire, can’t fire, or can’t get across those pathways properly, so the chemical medications can only further inhibit those cognitive functions, hence the name “selective serotonin uptake inhibitors.” Since depression is fairly common with children afflicted by ASD, any medication that contributes these extended (depressed and even suicidal) feelings listed as a SIDE EFFECT should not be the first course of recommended action. Still, more than half of all US children diagnosed with ASD are prescribed psychoactive drugs, including antidepressants.

    For any doctor, it would be very difficult to examine an autistic childs behaviors and developmental cognitive levels without first cleaning up his/her food, beverage, water, and medicine intake. No known medication fixes or even addresses autism’s core issues of social and communication and cognitive impairments. Target therapy is still in the “gel” stages. Nowhere to be found is there research about the effectiveness or safety of drug treatments for children, adolescents or adults with autism. In fact, just the opposite is true. Most of the mass shootings that have happened at schools have been committed by young people on psychotropic drugs that were prescribed by an MD. http://www.naturalnews.com/050149_mass_shooting_guns_psych_drugs.html


    The CDC has obviously concealed the clear link between the dramatic increase in mercury-laced childhood vaccinations (since 1990) and the total EPIDEMIC OF AUTISM we are seeing right now, where one in every 68 boys is afflicted. These are clearly neurological disorders and at least some of the major causes have been exposed. The CDC and mainstream medicine simply refuse to address them, knowing where that leads–to informed choice, one that would probably influence a hundred million Americans or more to avoid vaccinations altogether.


    A Naturopathic Physician would address nutrition first and foremost

    Autism spectrum disorder (first named “early infantile autism” in 1938 by Hans Asperger) became known to America around the same time World War II was ending, and when dangerous chemicals (ie: pesticides and mercury) would begin entering the American food and medicine supply. Most processed foods and now GMO are void of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, stripped because the soil, seeds and plants are coated and contain toxic herbicides (ie: Roundup) and insecticides.

    On the other end, most allopathic medicines, since the 1940s, are synthetic, lab-made concoctions that mix heavy metal toxins with bacteria and multiple viral strains, and are never really tested for health safety, not for short term or long term. Nutrition doctors would first remove chemicals from the child or adult’s intake, and then consider alternative therapies that are natural and holistic, even looking into natural remedies that stimulate cognition and balance central nervous system, and enhance good behavior, good moods, and even kenisthetics.



    Dismantling the DSM-4, DSM-5 and “Pervasive Developmental Disorders”

    Still, after all we know about carcinogens and heavy metal toxins, Pediatricians, MDs and Psychiatrists alike try to boil the symptoms of autism back to inherited genetics, with no proof whatsover, also saying autism tends to run in the families. Maybe that’s because they eat the same toxic food and take the same chemical medicines for those ensuing symptoms of disorder. Those very MDs and Psychiatrists associate even the slightest of difficulties with social interaction with ASD in order to make that huge leap, and that’s why the DSM 4 and 5 are written with such general and broad strokes, so that MDs and Psychiatrists can make those claims, instead of addressing the root causes, and those would be heavy metal toxins in vaccines and both pesticides and heavy metal toxins in food.


    2014: CDC top scientist admits research from 2004 shows MMR vaccine causes autism – other scientists hid results from FDA

    CDC whistleblower William Thompson went public with a statement posted on the website of the law firm representing him, Morgan Verkamp LLC. The statement opens with a blatant admission of scientific fraud at the CDC: “My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”… (10)


    http://www.morganverkamp.com/august-27-2014-press-release-statement-of-william-w-thompson-ph-d-regarding-the-2004-article-examining-the-possibility-of-a-relationship-between-mmr-vaccine-and-autism/ The admission proves beyond any question that the reporting of this fraud by the alternative media has been factual and true. What’s also interesting about this statement by William Thompson is his implication that the CDC knowingly hides the truth about vaccine risks from the public. He says: “There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with receipt of those vaccines.”


    The Fake Danish Study attempts to denounce the vaccine-autism link “once and for all”

    A Danish psychologist (aka NANEA) was hired to take some autism statistics from the National registry in his home country and make it seem there was no connection between mercury in vaccines and autism “outbreaks.” The CDC and mainstream medicine needed a sure-fire way to denounce this link, since the FDA had just been snookered by CDC scientists who discovered the link in 2004 to African American boys under age three getting injected with the MMR. Fearing this news could break out and become public (which it did 10 years later in 2014), Poul Thorsen fabricated research results and conclusions to accomplish this task, of covering up the truth with a “precedent” case that would dismiss any future public concern or investigations into the matter. Again, Thorsen is a psychiatrist and not a research scientist or toxicologist. Since that time, Thorsen has disappeared, after officials discovered massive fraud involving the theft of millions in taxpayer dollars. Danish police are investigating Thorsen, who vanished along with almost $2 million that he had supposedly spent on research. (http://www.truthwiki.org/poul-thorsen-psychiatrist/)


    The discovery of Thorsen’s fraud came as the result of an investigation by Aarhus University which discovered Thorsen had falsified documents and, in violation of university rules, was accepting salaries from both the Danish university and Emory University in Atlanta — near CDC headquarters — where he led research efforts to defend the role of vaccines in causing autism and other brain disorders. Thorsen’s center has received $14.6 million from CDC since 2002. (9)


    Most effective options for minimizing autism, preventing autism and possibly curing autism spectrum disorders and/or Asperger’s syndrome

    Today’s vaccines contain known carcinogens and neurotoxins, such as mercury (listed as thimerosal), that have been implicated in central nervous system and brain malfunctions. If possible, avoid injecting known carcinogens and neurotoxins, as common sense and evidence-based science would both apply. Repair and maintain good gut bacteria (flora) by consuming only organic foods and clean, filtered or spring water. GMO, genetically modified organisms (toxic pesticides) in food are also implicated in destroying healthy gut bacteria, leading to autoimmune disorders, central nervous system disorders, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and more. So to continue to feed an autistic child GMO would either fuel the damage or keep it from rescinding over time.


    Also, parents should research detoxification programs that pull heavy metal toxins from the infant or child’s body–dangerous, heavy metal toxins such as aluminum, mercury, tungsten, cadmium and lead, out of the body. Find a holistic dentist to remove any mercury dental fillings. Never use a microwave oven to heat foods or beverages. See the Health Ranger’s Forensic Food Lab results from testing many foods, superfoods and flu shots for heavy metal toxins (16) and make informed decisions about helping children have the best chance at a normal life and recovery from central nervous system damages caused by ingesting known neurotoxins.


    FYI: One flu vaccine contains 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in drinking water. The world should be having a “healthy” discussion about that fact whenever mentioning possible causes of ASD–autism, asperger’s and pervasive CNS and brain disorders that certainly ARE NOT all inherited from the parents. Genetic and inherited have two different meanings, but mainstream medicine combines them so the general public will think these genetic disorders are inherited, but it’s not the same thing.

    Alternative Media, Truthwiki and the Health Ranger Mike Adams have exposed the “science-based” myth and all the disinformation found on Wikipedia, WebMD and the CDC’s own website. View the results of the lab-tested flu vaccineFluluval” for heavy metal neurotoxins list and their potency, as exposed here: (17)


    “A single vaccine given to a 6 pound infant is the equivalent of giving a 180 lb. adult 30 vaccines in one day.” — Dr. Boyd Haley

    The cure for these dreaded CNS and brain disorders may live in prevention, by abstaining from injecting and consuming known toxins. Only time and true science will tell. Could sulfur be the key to saving autistic children from the toxic tragedy that’s been besieged upon them? Could organic sulfur crystals actually REVERSE autism? This is to be carefully considered now.  http://www.naturalnews.com/053090_glyphosate_autism_sulfur_deficiency.html#ixzz41BcWeeCa


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