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  • Paracelsus Posted 6 years ago under Education, History, Medicine, Science


    Contents [Hide]Paracelsus: Alchemic HealingSome of his accomplishmentsParacelsus on Causes of Sickness and DiseaseSelected Bibliography Paracelsus: Alchemic Healing Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, 1493-1541. He was a Swiss-German philosopher with a great interest in many areas of study, such as botany, astrology, and all things occult.  He was a healer, alchemist, and acknowledged as the   Full article…

  • Language and Consciousness Posted 6 years ago under Education, History, Truth


    Contents [Hide]LiteralSymbolicEssenceSelected Bibliography The amount of reality we can grasp is extended or limited by the level of language that we have developed. The meaning of language may be explored at three fundamental levels Literal The literal, exterior, or outer form level (the world of nouns, facts and the past). This is the level of   Full article…

  • Mystery Schools Posted 6 years ago under Conspiracies, Education, Government, History


    Contents [Hide]Reflection on the Evolution of the Mystery SchoolsReferencesSuggested readingNote Reflection on the Evolution of the Mystery Schools “All that glitters is not gold”: Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice The same is particularly true of the published histories of alchemy, esotericism and much of the related information regarding the mystery schools planted on the web   Full article…

  • Evidence Based Medicine Posted 6 years ago under Education, Health, Medicine


    Contents [Hide]Evidence Based MedicineThe Six Steps in the EBM ProcessSelected Bibliography Evidence Based Medicine Currently, there is the belief that Evidenced Based Medicine (EBM) is limited only to the evidence obtained via the 5 senses and Random Controlled Trials (RCT). In so doing we have taken on board the disinformation and propaganda perpetuated by the   Full article…

  • Epigenetics Posted 6 years ago under Education, History, Research, Science


    Contents [Hide]EpigeneticsWhat is Epigenetics?Evolution of working models of evolutionGenetics a casualty of the Cold WarThe epigenetic implication of a recent nicotine pathology inheritance studyPandora’s epigenetic box has been openedThe implication for homeopathyPostscriptEssential Bibliography Inheritance, Chronic Disease, and Epigenetics Epigenetics Currently, one of the biological sciences’ hottest topics now emerging into the public domain is Epigenetics.   Full article…

  • Project Posted 6 years ago under Education, Government, Truth


    Contents [Hide]OverviewSpecific usesSchool and universityEngineering projectProject managementExamples of notable projectsReferences In contemporary business and science, a project is defined as a collaborative enterprise, involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.[1] Projects can be further defined as temporary rather than permanent social systems or work systems that are constituted by teams   Full article…

  • Hyperopia Posted 6 years ago under Health


    Contents [Hide]Classification of hyperopiaClassification by clinical appearanceSigns and testsCausesDiagnosisTreatmentComplicationsReferences Hyperopia or hypermetropia, from the Greek word “hyper-metropia : υπερ-μετρωπία” commonly known as being farsighted (American English) or longsighted (British English), is a defect of vision caused by an imperfection in the eye, often when the eyeball is too short or the lens cannot become round   Full article…

  • Quince Posted 6 years ago under Food, Health, Nutrition


    Contents [Hide]TaxonomyDescriptionDistributionNutritional InformationCommercial CultivationDiseases, Pests, PredatorsSources Quince is fruit much like apples or pears in size, shape, and flavor. It is most commonly eaten fresh or in jellies and jams. These fruits are likely the ones referenced as apples in the early history of the Middle East, as apples were not grown much in that   Full article…

  • Quinoa Posted 6 years ago under Food, Health, Nutrition


    Contents [Hide]DescriptionHistoryWhat’s New and Beneficial About QuinoaHealth BenefitsOverall Nutrient RichnessAnti-Inflammatory BenefitsOther BenefitsHow to Select and StoreTips for Preparing and CookingTips for Preparing QuinoaThe Healthiest Way of Cooking QuinoaHow to EnjoyIndividual ConcernsNutritional ProfileReferences Description The word “quinoa” is pronounced “KEEN-wah.” It comes from the Spanish word, quinua, which itself comes from the word “kinwa” or “kinua”   Full article…

  • PINHOLE GLASSES Posted 6 years ago under Health


    Contents [Hide]How pinholes functionSome advantages that pinholes have over prescription glasses:Using pinholes for cataractsMyopia preventionLimitationsAnti-pinhole ConspiracyCan pinholes improve vision? How pinholes function Pinhole glasses (also known as stenopeic glasses from the Greek words for “little opening”) are not made of glass at all but of an opaque substance such as metal or plastic. The user   Full article…

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