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    A bestselling author of eight novels and Pulitzer prize winning journalist suddenly became a GMO advocate a few years ago, conspiring with biotech’s top shills and charlatans to promote “high performance plants” via chemical agriculture (biotechnology or “transgenics”) through the use of industry-funded and industry-written propaganda. A Utah “country girl,” Amy grew up in the middle of wheat fields that were all natural and did not have the genes of pesticides growing in them. Hundreds of thousands of people love to read her fiction and her stories, but she couldn’t seem to garner much attention to her anti-organic writings until she covered, “The impact of science and technology on everyday life.” Harmon uses her narrative storytelling style to con readers into exhuming emotions for “human dilemmas” posed by the advancement of science. Much like the ultimate shill and biotech huckster Jon Entine, former writer for Forbes.com, Harmon lures her readers in with crafty language and convoluted theories, pretending like everything she covers is pure fact, backed by science, literature, and thousands of studies that fall in line with the “global scientific consensus” on Earth- that all chemical pesticides are wonderful for human health and will solve the massive problems of our destructive population, and the ecological and food crisis coming our way if we don’t all succumb to genetic modification “technology.” (1) Harmon, a New York City native who began her career in journalism as the opinion page editor at Michigan Daily (a university student newspaper), jumped into reporting for the Los Angeles Times and even wrote about the auto industry in Detroit. She dabbled in digital technology then. Harmon is all over the place without fiction, and must be the reason she writes pro-GMO literature, opinion pieces, and persuasive argument scenarios to help Monsanto infuse GMO crops anywhere and everywhere they possibly can.


    Hostility towards anyone opposed to G.M.O.s or who doesn’t help conspire about the concept of climate-change science

    Amy Harmon, from the gist of the majority of her writing about GMO, believes everything about GMO is healthy for plants, soil, animals, humans, the world climate–and climate change–everything. She believes that inserting toxic insecticides into US crops can only help feed the world, resist drought, kill pesky insects and stave off choking weeds, and that the only science that is legitimate is that which is published in peer review articles. She is the ultimate huckster, selling her fans and government council members on chemical-violence in agriculture, no matter that the industry research backing it all is faked, falsified, or not even relevant to safety.

    Back in 1997 she joined the New York Times and won a prize for “explanatory reporting” for her series called “The DNA Age” that touted the ramifications of the new “genetic technology” on American life, even though GMO was kick-started in the early 1980s when Ronald Reagan himself opened the door for corporate chemical-agriculture pollution in the USA. “DNA Age” is all about medical research with genetic modification and scare tactics to put humans in fear of preventable diseases all being “genetic”–but genetic doesn’t mean hereditary. Everything is genetic about humans, but preventable diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s can be prevented, but Amy Harmon is not paid to tell the public these facts, she is paid to convince the world that pesticide-laden food is healthy and should never be questioned because “science” says so! She writes about social experiments and genetic profiling, and she tries to “debunk” stigma attached to certain genetic traits. This is all allopathic jargon to convince people they are born weak, with malfunctioning genes and organs and brains and cells, all predisposed to (preventable) diseases and infectious diseases, but consuming chemical insecticides and chemical herbicides and chemical fungicides and chemical algaecides are ALL HEALTHY CHOICES because peer review articles the insidious AMA post are supposedly available everywhere, though they are not.

    Amy Harmon, Jon Entine, Keith Kloor, and Tamar Haspel – Biotech Shills, Dissimulators and GMO-toxin Promoters (2)

    Flaming the propaganda that GMO can save the world–along with all the other Biotech Shills–is Amy Harmon–fiction writer extraordinaire. Other similar Journalists like Tamar Haspel of the Washington Post have admitted to receiving “plenty” of money from pro-agrichemical industry sources to propel GMO propaganda for conferences, city council meetings, to persuade public officials who are voting for counties or even states to accept GM chemical-violence of agriculture on their land. Kevin Folta, a (self-proclaimed) public scientist and horticulturalist from the University of Florida (3) has accepted at least $25,000 to push GMOs for Monsanto, as he parades around the country on their money and terms, saying “whatever” they tell him to say and writing “whatever” they tell him to write. Amy Harmon’s name is mixed into the correspondence and planning of such atrocities in the hundreds, if not thousands, of documents dredged up by the U.S. Right-to-Know group using Freedom of Information Act requests (USRTK).

    Keith Kloor, a former writer for Audubon Magazine, (5) now suddenly turned pro-GMO reporter, is in the same boat as Amy Harmon of the New York Times and Tamar Haspel of the Washington Post. Here’s another journalist, Kloor, who has no science credentials, no nutrition knowledge or credentials, no degree in botany or biochemistry, yet poses as an expert who (innocently and objectively) tries to explain away all the warranted dangers of growing and consuming GMO Frankenfoods. Harmon’s main job is to get to the important people who are “riding the fence” and aren’t sure about which side to take in the GMO versus Organic war for clean food, especially those making decisions regarding regulations, laws, permits and Big-Ag farming deals. All these biotech shills got caught colluding and conspiring because one sloppy, arrogant public scientist, Kevin Folta, was subject to state public records requests, and now Amy Harmon’s name is righteously dragged through the mud, as a matter of speaking.

    The USRTK investigation is ongoing, so more (trash) on these shills, including Amy Harmon, will most likely be dredged up. They all follow orders now given by Jon Entine, the leading PR operative working to promote the propaganda of the agrichemical industry on websites such as the “Genetic Literacy Project(4) which, along with the PR firm Ketchum (6) and their biotech-front-website outlet called GMOAnswers (7) are the agrichemical industry’s two most visible front group websites and their best propaganda. Entine is also founder and president of the PR firm ESG MediaMetrics, whose clients have included the agrichemical giant Monsanto.


    Amy Harmon tries to coerce Hawaiian counsel into accepting GMO on the big island

    Per the USRTK published document:

    September, 2013: Jon Entine emailed Renee Kester, “FYI, I think I’ve talked Amy Harmon into doing a Hawaii Hawaii [sic.] story… and I gave her your and Kirby’s email information, so she may call at some point if she indeed pursues this.” Kirby Kester is president of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, an agrichemical industry front group.


    Four months later, in January of 2014, the New York Times publishes a front-page article by Amy Harmon and the story is datelined from Kona, Hawaii. It’s entitled “A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops.” She was gifted an award by the Society of Environmental Journalists for outstanding in-depth reporting for a series she put out called “Facts about GMOs.” The series, of course, included the “Lonely Quest … ” piece from Hawaii. In less than six months following, she is scheduled to speak to the Cornell Alliance for Science, a group funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to promote GMOs (Gates supports population control via vaccines and anything GMO).

    Harmon is now functioning with PR operatives deep in the mire of spreading industry-funded genetically modified food propaganda.

    DOCUMENT CLOUD revealed by USRTK group and published in the New York Times: Hundreds of emails exposed by FOIA reveal Amy Harmon takes part in GMO propaganda campaign to trick Hawaiian island counsel:

    Click here to read the cloud of in-depth correspondences


    Amy Harmon, the GMO Huckster Journalist

    A huckster is defined as a person who sells or promotes something of questionable value, often with biased interests and using pushy or showy tactics. Why not hire a best-selling fiction author to write some fiction about GMO? Harmon is a GMO peddler. Her job in Hawaii was to change the minds of any GMO skeptics on the panel (counsel) who were already inclined to vote for banning genetically engineered crops on the island of Hawaii. Public hearings had been saturated with horror stories of GMOs contributing to cancer in lab animals, mass-die-offs of butterflies and bees, contamination of organic crops, and of course the rise in childhood preventable diseases, disorders and severe allergies. She preys on any doubts or unanswered questions certain council members have to try to coerce and dissuade them from their current point of view or stance against giving all GMO/biotech companies and corporations a green light to grow and sell Frankenfoods.


    Amy Harmon is recruited or “enlisted” to write about GMOs using topics and lingo all laid out for her by the industry heads. This is Harmon’s piece.


    The “Global Scientific Consensus” lie being told by all the GMO-propagandists and shills, including Journalists, Public Scientists and Academics

    There exists a phony “global scientific consensus” that GMO-pushers refer to which does not exist. This consensus is said to be relying on hundreds of safety studies that show genetically engineered crops are no “riskier” than others, and that they have provided “some benefits.” Shills plead for their potential customers to consider this elephant in the room. They speak of “hostility” that health enthusiasts have when the subject of GMO is considered, but this is also not true. They hold the GMO versus Organic debate up to the light of comparison with absurd arguments, such as the world being flat or the moon landing being faked, and they even go so far as to throw in the climate change “facts” when applicable. Monsanto, Dupont, Dow, Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta and the rest of the GMO cartel (employ) enlist public scientists, best-selling fiction authors, hack journalists and reporters and even ex-TV-news-producers to run the gambit of lies in all forms of media in order to acheive their ultimate goal, and that is to control the world’s seeds and genetically modify all of them.

    The studies (and theories) these hucksters quote are industry run, industry funded, not verified by any outside sources or scientists, and published in peer review journals anyway. They’ll call it “science-based” or “evidence-based” when in essence it is all industry-based propaganda. Harmon the huckster sells her readers and listeners on “less benign” pesticides and is a total pesticide apologist. She even tells one councilman not to worry about cross polination or contamination because that would be like cats and dogs mating, insinuating that no GMOs could ever cross polinate with anything else, so he has nothing to worry about. Vote GMO!

    Then Harmon sites an example in her article of a story of someone who ate organic and practiced yoga, but died of a brain aneurysm, so then organic food must be no good:

    ” Lukas Kambic, a biology major at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, sought to use his own experience to counter the anecdotes others voiced that night. “My mom ate organic food exclusively and did yoga all the time, and she died of a brain aneurysm,” Mr. Kambic said. “According to the logic of people here, she was killed by organic food and yoga.” (8)

     She goes on to blame the India Indian farmer suicides on debt and not chemical exposure leading to depression.


    To view some GMO propaganda “hit pieces” written by Amy Harmon:

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