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    Allopathic or “Western” medicine is the medical practice aimed at using drugs and surgery to combat symptoms of disease and disorder, and to provide temporary relief from pain, inflammation, nerve disorder and cell disorder (cancer). Infectious disease is allopathically addressed with vaccines that contain small doses of the live virus, genetically altered bacteria, emulsifiers, adjuvants (carriers), preservatives (mercury), and immune-response “activators” that shock the system into reaction in order to build antibodies that recognize the pathogens upon later invasion of the body. Invasive medical procedures and prescription drugs are the allopathic “answer” to chemical consumption results–the human body’s reaction to synthetics, processed foods, other chemical medicines, toxic personal care products, environmental toxins including industrial toxins, and the overall use of carcinogenic pesticides (GMO) used on agriculture. Vaccines and flu shots go hand-in-hand with what the American Medical Association (AMA) ensures that medical doctors advise for all infants, children, teens and adults, including over thirty different inoculations, many as combination jabs (like MMR) before the age of six. More and more children in America are being prescribed untested depression and anxiety medications and at younger ages than ever before. (1)


    The pharmaceutical companies and corporations have most of the say in what drugs make it to market, and the FDA approves nearly any drug where the manufacturer has paid for fast-track approval. (7) Poisoning from prescription drugs has risen and become the 2nd leading cause of unintentional deaths in the US, according to the CDC themselves. Deaths from prescription drugs is up nearly 3% from just 1999 to 2004 in the United States alone. Nearly double the deaths (1300) occurred from psychotherapeutic drugs such as sedatives and antidepressants, with the largest jump in statistics occurring among teens and young adults ages 15 to 24. (2) This phenomenon is being referred to as “recreational prescription drug use“– and “abuse,” though many people who die from prescription drugs take the exact amount the doctors prescribe and on time; however, suicides were not “allowed” to be separated from other drug deaths, so inherent errors in the CDC data exist. Opioid analgesics such as oxycodone are also attributed to the increasing numbers of deaths associated with prescription drugs. More and more studies are revealing that prescription drug deaths are taking place in rural communities, especially in the South and Midwest.


    Second only to motor vehicle crashes, abuse of prescription (and illegal) drugs leads the charge for causes of death in the United States since the turn of the century (and millennium). (6) Never before in the history of mankind has “medicine” caused so many deaths (unintentional poisoning mortality), especially when taken “as recommended” and prescribed by doctors of the allopathic regime. Currently, there are NO measures in place to educate patients and consumers or regulate these dangerous, untested treatment measures that are increasing statistics of fatal drug overdoses every day. Thousands of new drugs are hitting the marketplace with no validation beyond the manufacturer’s “word” that the drugs have been tested for SAFETY and EFFICACY–this includes cross-prescribed drugs for pain, discomfort, disease symptoms, sleep disorders, CNS disorders, depression, anxiety, high-cholesterol, blood thinning, ADHD, arthritis, allergies and everything else that can go wrong with any human who is consuming chemicals daily. Most medical doctors know NOTHING about nutrition and blame nearly all disease and cell disorder on genetics (inherited genes).


    Allopathic Medicine is based on the propagated fear of death from infectious diseases and a complete lack of nutrition education


    Before the propaganda of fear-based medicine can be addressed, one must recognize that the decline of infectious diseases came BEFORE the vaccination campaigns of the 1950s and 1960s. What is termed “science-based” medicine and “evidence-based” medicine is supposed to be medicine based on research conducted with some degree of empirical support, systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials that help physicians make informed decisions in regards to individual patients or a population, but today infants are bombarded with experimental vaccines that have never been proven to be effective, much less safe. In fact, infant immunity has been completely misunderstood by immunologists, and combinations of live viruses working in tandem can be completely unpredictable, despite the arrogance of this so-called “science-based” mentality. Pro-vaccine doctors often cite “peer reviewed literature” to prove points, but a closer look proves the opposite, which reveals a sick population of vaccinated children those same “pro-vax” pediatricians supposedly care for. (4)


    Infectious diseases decreased in the 1900s due to hygiene and plumbing, but the allopathic approach to medicine simply fabricated statistics to lead the public into believing infectious disease was still a major threat, and that the only safe child was a child injected with measles, small pox and polio (3), mixed with mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum. “Get your child the shots or he/she is likely to die of infectious disease” was the likely thought process invoked by scare tactics and pictures of paralyzed children who contracted the worst-case-scenario of polio and pictures of children with the worst-case-scenario of small pox. The allopathic approach to medicine simply fabricated the information that led the public to believe that normal baby’s and children’s immune systems are “defective” and “inadequate” and must be shocked into action with potent adjuvants, pathogens, and known carcinogens. To make matters worse, for decades, polio vaccines injected into tens of millions of people contained SV40 – – which are cancer viruses. This was admitted by a top level Merck vaccine scientist named Dr. Maurice Hilleman. (5)


    Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, stated it best here: “Even though doctors and health authorities try to pass off western medicine as being “advanced” or “modern,” the whole system is actually pathetically outdated and stuck in the germ theory of disease. Western medicine has yet to even acknowledge the role of nutrition in preventing disease — something that has been scientifically documented for at least the last several decades.”



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